Yup that’s right – I am working today!  I was talking about this the other day on a webinar – how when I first started out trying to make money online, I would work day in a day out, every chance I got and every day I was off from my Full Time Job (like the 4th of July and weekends).  

When you are building something, whatever it is – you have to put the time in if you want to see results. 

In the beginning, I was putting in the time but I wasn’t getting much out of it.  This happened for the first 2 years of trying to make money online.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing until it finally all came together for me. 

What inspired me to write this blog post was someone who I suppose knew me from my Offline Marketing Days.   My first (real) blog was http://offlinemarketingriches.com – This was when  I was learning SEO and was also very involved with offline stuff.  My background is sales, so I easily transitioned to doing offline marketing stuff when I brought my career online.

So, this person noticed that I was doing Kindle now and mentioned how he thought I was prospering with yet another venture – and I was VERY THANKFUL for his comment because I love the interaction (hint hint).  😉

But at the end he wrote “LUCKY”.  For a split second I thought “yeah, I am pretty lucky” but then I thought more about it.  

I thought about when I used to play poker. I played poker all the time! I loved Texas Holdem.  And boy, was I unlucky.  I played the game pretty conservatively but I was good at it.  People say in order to win at poker you have to be aggressive – much more than my chicken a$$ was!!  HA.  It was always that River card that would hit in the favor of my opponent.  I would have my money / chips in when it was good but every time I think back to it, I was always beaten by someone who needed one card or maybe two to win.  Sure enough, they would hit it. 

So I thanked this person for his comment but I also told him that I didn’t think it had anything to do with luck. I told him that I feel lucky that I have my health and I have great friends and loved ones.  I am happy and lucky that I had a great childhood.  Some people don’t.  Some animals don’t and my heart goes out to them.  All of them.  

But luck succeeding in business??? No.  

I do believe that timing and SOME luck is in everything, don’t get me wrong.  But for the most part, hard work and dedication and passion will make you successful at whatever you are doing.  

Luck?  Eh, not so much.  I get lucky when I play tennis and the ball hits the outer corners of the line.  That’s luck. 

Success?  Well, that is because I bust my a$$ even on the 4th of July!!!!!


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