Yup – that’s right. The first Kindle book I ever wrote sells about 2-3 copies per month on Kindle. I don’t think that is exceptionally great.  

The good part is that I know why it failed!  

I had  this amazing idea that no one else was doing. There were no other books like it on the market…..most established marketers know that is a sign to run the other way.

You actually want to write books where there IS competition and where there ARE other books selling on the market.

The Kindle Clone Method makes this very clear.

It was one of those busy / lazy Saturdays and I picked up an inexpensive report that has a treasure chest of money making book selling strategies. A light bulb went off in my head when I read about one sneaky place to look to find EXACTLY what readers are looking for….. I LOVE this idea and it should be implemented in EVERY book you write!

There is some old stuff in this report but the unique tips and additional explanations makes this report an awesome get!

TONS of Kindle Nuggets in here that you can use immediately.  

Get It Here



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