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don't buy amazon reviews!

I would like to look out for my fellow publishers and I just want to warn you that it is not good to purchase reviews for your kindle books.  While it is just not cool to begin with to buy reviews, I heard that Amazon actually puts out Fiverr Reviews Gigs on and they are cracking down and catching people who are buying reviews!

 Imagine that? Caught red handed! That would not be cool for your Kindle and book publishing business.  I hope I scared you enough so that you  

Don’t Buy Reviews!

There are many products out there about Kindle but you have to take the best parts out of them.  As you become a better book publisher, you will understand and feel what is right and what is wrong.

Buying reviews is not right.  It throws off fair competition. 

Get reviews by connecting with actual authors in the same niche and review each other’s book.  Amy Harrop and I just did a webinar called Kindle Marketing Gems and we spoke about all kinds of ways to connect with other authors. 

There are legit ways of getting reviews.  Get reviews the right way. 

Gosh – maybe we should try to get reviews the old fashioned way – Write GREAT S**T that readers will enjoy!

PS – If you have a trusted source for valid reviews, by all means – use them.  What I am recommending is that you should not just go out randomly seeking reviews because it might be Amazon.  Don’t put your account in jeopardy!

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