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I live in NY and it has been raining a lot lately.  The weekend was beautiful but during the week it has been just rainy rainy rainy!

I love the rain but it is really fun and cozy to relax when it is raining as opposed to have to work and come up with new ideas and be motivated.

Honestly, I’ve been fighting against the weather bringing me into a funk. I wanted to write this post to turn that around and possibly offer you some advice when things like this happen.

We have to turn anything that is negative into a positive. That should be our goal.  Essentially, that is how we win and fight against whatever is bringing us down.  At least that is the way I see it (sometimes easier said than done) but that is beside the point. 

So first, the idea is to find what you are struggling with.  Think about what is holding you back.

Are you a kindle writer who is having writer’s block?

Are you working on a project that you just can’t seem to finish?

Do you have a fear of failure?

Do you lack confidence?

Do you lack time?

Do you lack energy?

Are you full of excuses?

There are so many more things that people struggle with that it would be impossible to list them all here.

But pick one thing.  Pick it and stare it right in the face and give it a dirty look. 


[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size=”40″ color=”#373737″ align=”center”]Then…..Conquer It!![/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]


This is the only way to get passed it.

How do you conquer it?  Well, turn it into something that you can monetize. Become an expert at that topic. Become such an expert that when someone brings up this topic in a casual conversation, you jump in and talk about it for 15 minutes without shutting up. 

Chances are, that if you have some kind of issue – maybe it’s listed above, maybe it isn’t, but chances are that other people have that same issue too. 

Doing this will not only help get you out of your rut and potentially solve your problem………but it will help others too and you can make some money from this idea.

For me, right now, it’s all about making better food choices when it comes down to meal time.  Why am I lacking energy?…..well, let’s start with the foods I am eating. 

Turn it around.  Instead of sulking, take positive action. 

So here’s what I mean…..instead of me sulking about not having enough energy, I might do several hours of research about what kinds of foods I should start eating to give me more energy. Perhaps I put this information to the test and do my own case study and see my results and improvements. 

This can work for anything, you see. If you are having motivational issues, drop the project that you are trying to work on and become an expert at motivation. What should you do to get motivated? What really works when you are trying to get motivated.  

After you are done, you should never have this problem again because you should know exactly what to do to overcome it.  Sure the problem might resurface, we are all human, but at least you will know how to remind yourself!

I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below.  What are your struggles? If you don’t want to share, that is OK…….just say hello 🙂

Just be honest with yourself.  This will lead to success!! 

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