Getting reviews is a major topic for book publishers. (and there are  A LOT of us out there).  Several thousand books are published everyday! 

So, what’s the best method to getting reviews? 

Well, since we know that there are thousands of books being published everyday, then reviewers must have their plates pretty full!  

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The best way to go about getting reviews is to get to know the folks in your niche so that you can reach out to them for a review. Let me be more specific – 

Don’t wait until you are finished writing your book and then start banging on the virtual doors of people who you don’t even know to ask for a review. Most of the time, this is not going to work well for you. First of all, reviewers are super busy and second of all, WHO ARE YOU?  

The reviewing process is not something that happens overnight, unfortunately! This will take time to find people who will review your book and to establish relationships with people in your niche.  

Remember, the best reviews are from people who have bought your book on Amazon or those who you gifted your book to amazon.  

A great place to start making these connections are forums.  You can start by joining my Kindle Forum, and there are others out there as well!  

Isn’t this yet another reason why you should concentrate on a few niches instead of hundreds? That would be a lot tougher trying to establish a relationship with all different kinds of people in hundreds of differnt niches.  Perhaps choosing a niche category to be associated with is also a strategy, like Stay at home moms.  There is A LOT to be discussed under that category and it is not limited to just one topic like growing a vegetable garden.  The stay at home mom’s guide to growing a vegetable garden – now that’s an interesting one! HA 🙂

Hopefully you get the point.  Making connections the right way instead of reaching out to people at the 11th hour is not going to be a winning strategy anymore. This all takes much effort but you will eventually get there.  Remember, you might have to return the favor, but when your next book comes out, then it is is going to be a heck of a lot easier to get a review for it!

Don’t forget to check out the new Kindle Forum!  There is already some great discussions going on!


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