I wanted to reach out to you about my new WSO – launching tonight at 9pm EDT 4/17.


This should be good. I am launching tonight if you want to promote.

Here’s the request link. 


It’s a complete training on how to upload a book to smashwords. 

Thanks in advance!!



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There are so many benefits to uploading your book to Smashwords.

First of all, it’s another means to publishing your book to the Apple IBook Store.

Second, Smashwords is another place where you can earn tons of extra money and make more book sales!

Not only does Google LOVE Smashwords, but it will allow visitors to download your book in ANY FORMAT THEY CHOOSE!

Deborah gives tons of tips that will show you step by step on how to upload your book to Smashwords and she also shows many mistakes to avoid!

Be sure not to miss this guide to publishing to Smashwords.  Catapult past the HUGE Smashwords learning curve.

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