We hear it all the time:

Kindle Publishers are:

  • Confused

  • Overwhelmed

  • and Frustrated

Gone are the days where you can just plop up your Kindle
book and see a monthly flow of passive income!

Kindle Authors are understanding this, but they just don’t
know which direction to turn when it comes to effectively
promoting their books.

[kc_font_pac_2_font_10 size=”48″ color=”#000000″]Until Now..[/kc_font_pac_2_font_10]

We are offering an awesome value-packed
Kindle product all on how to market your
Kindle books on and off Amazon.  

We made this product as a direct response
to Kindle authors getting confused on what
actions and steps they need to take when 
it comes to marketing their books. 

Well – ask no more because this product has
it all: 

Check it out: 21 Day Book Promotion

This modular-based promotional
system makes it easy for any
publisher to promote their
Kindle title, or outsource
their promotion, so they can
concentrate on writing and

Each step is broken down and 
contains a quick-start guide, a short
how-to video, and where
applicable, outsourcing

This is truly a Warrior Special Offer
so get it at the lowest price you can here



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