If pricing kindle books was easy, then everyone would be able to get this part right. The truth is that It’s just not easy and you might have to play around with the pricing of specific books before you get it right.  There is no hard and fast rule to pricing.  Even worse, we are dealing with different sites and different books in different genres – which means different audiences! No wonder why pricing is so darn tough.  

When I write books, both fiction and non-fiction, my goal is to provide great and interesting content.  I go in with the understanding that this one book is not going to make me rich.  If you go in with that attitude, you won’t be disappointed.  This way, when you wind up selling a lot of copies in a day, week or month, you will be pleasantly surprised!  

I am a publishing machine and I bank on a combination of ALL of my books selling a few copies a day.  I think that is the typical kindle author, especially one who is just starting out.  My second month publishing kindle books, my sales went up  400% so I must be doing something right. If you go into publishing books thinking that you only have to write one book and you will be rich you are setting yourself up for true disappointment.  I hear some gurus saying that they wrote one book and “it worked out extremely well for them.” I think that is complete BS because for most of us, we need to write much more than one book to quit out day job! 


Price is not determined completely by the actual value of a product – in this case, your e-book – but rather, its perceived value. It is up to you, however, to figure out a way to make people think – or realize – that your book is worth the price you have selected for it. This is where your marketing skills come into play. 

The price of your e-book is dependent on your royalty option.

35% Royalty Option

You have the freedom of pricing your e-book anywhere from $0.99 to $200. This is an ideal option to choose for the following reasons.

–You have an exceptionally short or long e-book (this is made in the assumption that every page in it matters). Most people associate pricing with the length of the book so it would be best not to use any pricing strategies that contradict this.
–You are planning to use an incredibly low or high introductory price for marketing reasons then give great discounts later on.

One look at your e-book’s cover and excerpt and everyone knows right away that it is worth more than $10
Your target readers can afford to pay more than $10

75% Royalty Option

The price of your e-book must be within the range of $2.99 and $9.99. This is the ideal choice if any or some of the following reasons apply in your situation.

The e-book is part of a planned series and a strategically affordable price will ensure everyone can purchase the entire set.

Your target readers cannot afford to pay more than $10

The way I see it, if you have a good description and good chapter headings, you want it to be a “no brainer” for people to purchase your book.  

If there is a book that you’ve written, even went to school for and it portrays your expertise, then you can charge north of $30 for that book.   Don’t be afraid to charge more for information that you worked very hard to put together. 


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