Yes, I mush admit, I am obsessed with Pinterest. It is so much fun and it shows your personality, which is very important if you want to separate yourself from others. 

I found this tool called the PinterMark because as I was learning (and continuing to learn) Pinterest, I was wondering about someone sharing your photo and passing it off as their own, which is quite simple to do.  How do you get around that?

Well, the PinterMark seems to be the cure.  Not only can you “remind” people or “tell” people to pin your images with the hover buttons, but you can easily create a watermark on your image so that if someone does try to share your image (which is the whole point of pinterest), then they could never try to pass it on as their own because your website watermark will be embedded in the image. See example below:


You will want to place your watermark image so that the picture can’t really work if someone wants to try to cut it off with a designing program.  

Making it easy for people to share images is a smart thing to do. Perhaps the person would not have thought about sharing your image, so telling them “PIN THIS” is something they might respond to.  

Have fun and get the Pintermark tool here to make your pinning life a lot easier!

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