Earn 1k Challenge with Rachel Rofe

Check out this hangout we did with Rachel Rofe about her Earn 1k Challenge.  People are already experiencing success and exceeding the 1k they were challenged to make.    Click Here To Accept The Challenge

Google Hangout with Colin Scott Interview: Speedy Publishing Report Check Out This Insane $7 Offer… What awesome content!!  Thank you so much Colin for joining us!! If you publish books on Kindle – then you must watch this google hangout above. Collin Scott is a wealth of information when it comes to book publishing – especially on multiple platforms.    

Easy App Formula Review

    We all know that multiple platforms equals more money. One of the best places to earn a passive income is on the app platform. Apps are much easier to publish then you might think. And they don’t have to be big or complicated.Yes, that’s right – silly apps that don’t take much to make are generating hundreds a day in passive income. Even if you don’t have a lick of programming skills you can start making a nice passive income stream with apps like Matt Rhodes is doing. See his story here: http://ezrd.me/r/?rd=082K5Ydb Matt had an idea and put it into action (without ANY programming skills) and he shows how he did it and exactly what he did. What we like best about this is he gives a full set of ideas that you can take and run with for your own.   Think about it  – Your app doesn’t have to be…

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Become and iPublisher – Review

Publish To The iBookstore Now Let’s cut to the chase so you can run with this method too…. It’s publishing books to the iPad that sell on the iBookstore. You might have remembered we offered a course on  how to publish to the iBookstore in the past but this is a bit different…. In Become an iPublisher, we take you through how to publish through Apple directly which could be a much faster publishing process than using a third party aggregator to get your books on the iBookstore (well, quick if you know what you are doing that is). Check out what we are offering here => http://ezrd.me/r/?rd=082IDMdb To publish using this NEW METHOD we are teaching you DO need a mac – but PC users, we got you covered too…….Don’t Worry. Also, if you don’t have a Mac, you might still consider getting this training because it will never be offered this low again –…

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Azon List Explosion Review and Bonus

Here is my review for Azon List Explosion – Plus Bonus (Even if you already bought it)…. There are two ways that I want to talk about here on strategizing and making money with book publishing.  They include:  1) How you can monetize your books better – and these should be on books that are ALREADY SELLING consistently. How can you make even MORE money than you are now.  (Monetization) 2) How can you make more sales for your book – meaning your book is just not selling well and you need to find a way to get more eyeballs on your book. (Promotion) These are 2 very different areas of book publishing and making money. Plain and Simple. Monetization: If you want to learn the steps to building an awesome list and monetizing on that list, then Jay Boyer will definitely teach you how to do that as he has grown a list to…

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How To Add Links in Youtube Videos

Click Here To Learn How To Add Links in Youtube Videos   In this product, Jimmy Mancini shows us how to actually put clickable external links into YouTube videos.  This will make your videos extremely powerful because you can put a call to action into your videos!

Promote Your Book for Only $5?

The truth is that many book publishers struggle with the promotion side of book publishing. Here, they have a book that they’ve spent so long putting together (or they outsourced the book) – but they still spent a long time reviewing and editing, they publish it on Kindle and other platforms and it sits and collects virtual dust. It could be the best book in the world, but if it doesn’t get enough traffic, then unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the book was ever created or not! The answer is to have a system of promoting your book that doesn’t take up a lot of your time AND doesn’t break the bank!! This is very possible to achieve, especially with the help of Amy and Debbie with $5 book promotion. If you are a publisher and if you haven’t been buried under a rock, you’ve heard the term fiverr.com thrown around a heck of a…

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Kindle Traffic Sniper – Review and Bonus

Click Here To Purchase through My Link Kindle Traffic Sniper shows you how to track your kindle conversions – i have been waiting for this tool for a long time.  To make it EVEN EASIER for you, if you buy through my link, I am going to hook you up with a video that i made that walks you through this SIMPLE process.   I went through the process (and succeeded) and I am now tracking how many people view my book per day so i can better TRACK my conversions. I am giving you the video so that you can follow along and implement this in less than 5 minutes!! Why do you need this?? Well, for a few reasons: 1) if you are getting several visitors a day and no book sales – then you know you need to change something – you need to change your title, description or even book cover!…

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Kindle Day Job Killer Review

Kindle Day Job Killer  We had a chance to review: Kindle Day Job Killer  While this has a hypey title, it’s packed full of ranking tips and really fantastic! First of all the writer, Martin is funny and engaging, he has a definite personality that really comes through. He’s also packed his full of his own experience and wisdom when it comes to ranking your books on Kindle, including fiction, which is his own focus.  KDJK is an over 60 page pdf plus additional content bonuses included. This is specific, actionable (and entertaining) training, with plenty of screenshots and examples. He reveals: – effective research and writing techniques – hot topics and genres – some fantastic training on keyword research – how to optimize your description (plus a really cool additions you can make to your descriptions – love this part…) – detailed backlinking strategies – how and where to advertise your book – a “done for you” book promotion free day service (really…

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Kindle Renegade Volume 2

Can you believe that the simplest books, even the ones with silly topics might be the best approach for your kindle books? For Ryan Leonard, these kinds of books generate sales week after week with no promotion for Ryan Leonard…… In Kindle Renegade Volume 2, Ryan goes over how he puts together easy to create, best-selling books. He shows a case study about how he put together one of these books easily (in 7 easy steps) and inexpensively and he shares his proof that these books are selling. I especially liked the 2nd report he included, which is about creating a certain type of non-fiction book. These are great types of books to create that can be easily done or outsourced for very little money. The non-fiction method also includes a video, a mindmap, and a short PDF about outsourcing.  If your stuck on coming up with profitable Kindle book ideas, Ryan’s Kindle Publishing System will get your juices flowing and help you create…

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Generate Ideas for Your Book Characters

If you are struggling to find characteristics for your fiction characters – then perhaps I have found something that will give you some great ideas so that you can create the most interesting that your readers will love! Maybe you have some ideas but you are stuck on some details.  That’s perfectly ok and normal – because there are just so many directions that you can take characters in and it could get overwhelming. I stumbled across this tool called Random Young Adult Character Generator.  Now, right off the bat, it is a bit limited because it is only for “young adult characters” but you can get some great ideas just playing around with this free tool.    All you need to do is choose what you want the tool to give you and whallah – your character is generated. I would suggest that you run this a few times to get some ideas and come…

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7 Tips for Proofreading Your Own Kindle Book

Proofreading and editing your own Kindle book is an extremely tedious, un-enjoyable task. Of this much we can all be certain. However, just because you don’t like to do it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to do it to the best of your ability. Especially considering the fact that a well-edited, finely proofread Kindle book can do wonders for your reputation as an author to be taken seriously. Today, we’ll be discussing seven different things that you can do to help ensure you’re a much better proofreader and editor of your own material. Not to mention all of the benefits and perks that come along with that. Without further ado!   #1: Put your writing aside for a while and/or get away from your writing “area”. One of the biggest things you can do to help give yourself a “fresh” view or perspective on your work is to get away from it for a while….

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Hands Off Books Rachel Rofe Review and Bonus

Hands Off Books Review and Bonus It is just so much fun learning all the different ways that you can get your kindle books published without having to do much work at all yourself! When I first started out with kindle, I wrote and reviewed every last word of every book that I published. Well, that is so far from the case right now.  Rachel Rofe’s new report, Hands Off Books is filled with golden gems to get your book done, well, hands off! Does that sound crazy to you?  Well, it is very possible. I received a review copy and I took just one (of several) ideas and put it into action.  You see, I was in the middle of writing a fiction book and I was at a standstill because I was dreading a chapter that I had to write.  Using one of Rachel’s methods, I was able to get that chapter created…

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Fancy Some Free Publicity?

Don’t worry, the title of this article was a joke. Of course you’d want some free publicity for your Kindle book, blog, or product!  I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t? Obviously, such free publicity isn’t going to come your way out of the blue. You’re going to have to put in some work and putting yourself out there (see also: networking) if you truly want to make the current online media landscape work the best for you. One of the best ways is to leverage free publicity to get the word out.  Power Promotion is an in-depth training course which reveals how to promote your product, blog, book or brand via online radio shows and podcasts, and even shows you how to start your own. Think about it – you’re your own brand – and unless you’re only planning on selling one or two Kindle books or products total for your entire life,…

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How To Sell Big Ticket Items

Holy Moly!! I was able to purchase this product(for $5) and I just cannot get over thevalue of this product on how to sell bigticket items and make $12,000 in 12days. I love this saying because it is so true: “Many People Major in Minor Things” and if you start to major in MAJORthings, it’s not much harder to make ALOT more money! Tons of money for thatmatter. The course is broken into 12 days ofwhat exactly to do to make $12,000 in ashort period of time (quite possibly 12days). There are videos with thetranscriptions included if you learnbetter that way. I’ve been taking theaudio on-the-go to the gym and on walkswith the dog… Dennis Becker licensed this course fromEric Louviere, who is a 7-figure annualIM’er, who walks the walk, and talks thetalk with passion and energy. The best part of this whole thing isthat all you need to know is how tomarket high ticket…

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