I’ve said it many times.  The money is in people who want to publish their own book but they have no clue how to do it on their own. 

But Guess What…..

[kc_heading_one size=”38″ color=”#000000″]You Do!![/kc_heading_one]

You know how to publish and market a book so you can charge big bucks for that. 

There’s just one problem – you have to know how to get paid for your knowledge and knowhow. 

Over the weekend, my very successful friend asked me if I would help her publish for 50% of the royalties.

Now, the old me would be like “OK, Sure” without thinking twice.  

But the new and experienced me shut up and thought before I opened my mouth.  

I asked her what she wanted to write the book about and she answered me. 

As a kindle publisher, you know as well as I do there is no money in publishing and selling just one book and that it would take years to make back what you should have gotten paid UP FRONT to do. You also know that Amazon does not split affiliate commissions so all the “splitting” needs to happen manually each month. 

You and I also know there is a lot more to it than just writing a book – there is the entire marketing aspect behind it. (Inspiration to my next product….hint hint). 

If this person was a celebrity or a very influencial person in her community, then the story changes a bit. 

The first question I will ask her when we meet will be:

“Tell me very quickly – what’s the main reason you want to write this book – is it fame or fortune?”

The answer to this question will tell me a lot!

If it’s fame – then I’ve got myself a nice client. If it’s fortune, well, then she needs to be taught how the Kindle publishing biz works and how very few people make much money on one book that they “set and forget”. 

The issue here, especially when it’s a friend, is setting and managing expectations properly.  Could I be completely wrong and the book becomes a number 1 best seller in 10 categories – sure.  But I shouldn’t have to go into this gambling.  The option to split royalties is probably not the best for me monetarily.  There are of course other advantages with working with this person which is also considered in making this deal. 

Remember – You and I hold all of the power in a situation like this.  Sure, she is my friend and perhaps I will give her privileged treatment, but taking a “loss” is not an option. Time is too precious.  

Think before you speak. If you don’t know the answer right away, stop for a second or two and say “we can definitely talk.”

As an established Kindle Publisher, you have many skills – even if you’ve only published one book! One book is better than zero books!  There’s a lot of money in helping people publish kindle books. You know more than you think! The real skill is getting paid for your knowledge!

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