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Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have co founded a dedicated Kindle Forum with Peter Lenkefi.

How Exciting!!

I’ve been wanting to start a forum for a long time and Peter approached me and I said YES right away! 

I was happy that someone was going to take care of the php coding because i know nothing about PHP and I had no desire to learn it! After all, I am a book publisher, not a programmer! I write sentences, not code!

Anyway, this is a free kindle forum that you can join right now!  We already have great members that are already interacting, asking questions and sharing successes!

We have a section on just about everything kindle.  From creating your kindle account to marketing your book and the steps to take to possibly get to best seller (best sellers are hanging out there too, FYI)!!!

Join the Kindle Forum Right Now – and I will see you over there!




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