kindle-offline-marketingThe process of marketing your Kindle Book can and usually will involve many different avenues. One oftentimes overlooked option that is most certainly worth your attention involves hopping offline entirely and getting out and marketing your Kindle book in the “real world”. There are many strategies to marketing your kindle book offline that you might not have thought of before. 

Most people usually don’t even bother with offline marketing their Kindle book because they simply just don’t know where to start.  Coming from an Offline World, I’ve gone ahead and provided a few ideas for you to use to help kick-start marketing your Kindle book offline and ensure people know more about what you are offering to them simply and easily. 

One of the first things that you can do is to consider holding an event at your local book store or other community hangout. This will ultimately help you accomplish arguably the most important aspect of offline marketing your Kindle book: getting the word out about it and allowing you to clue everyone in on exactly why your books should be of interest to them. This idea works especially well if you’re on a tight/constrained budget – namely because many places like these will allow you to talk, promote and host your work there completely free! 

Next on the docket is submitting your book to a multitude of different (offline) book review publications. You can quickly and easily send your work over to various literature and/or book critics in your local area – even including anyone who happens to work or write for one of your local newspapers. The exposure your Kindle book would receive if published even on a weekday would be immense, but if you can manage to score some kind of review or periodical on the weekend, then you’ll be absolutely golden. 

You may also consider using fliers at various places where people are either specifically shopping for books themselves or are at least within the general vicinity to do so. Fliers can be used to list as much information on your Kindle book as you’d like as well as where or how people can go about getting it. This method is especially effective in places such as coffee shops, music stores or, obviously, actual book stores.

As a whole, it’s usually and likely best – especially if you’re just starting out — for you to focus on offline marketing your Kindle book to any local literary publications first and foremost. Many local independent publications are available with information and excerpts of various books from all sorts of different writers – both local and otherwise – and they usually also tend to deal in many different genres as well. Ultimately, as long as your Kindle book is of a high-quality and would be of interest to even a small demographical group, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting your listing approved. 

Although it’s not always necessary, it’s also a great idea to make sure that you’re trying to target one of these aforementioned publications that deals – either directly or amongst only a few others – in your specific Kindle book’s genre. 

While marketing your Kindle book offline may require a bit more work than some may be comfortable doing, it really is an excellent option to utilize when you combine it with more traditional, focused online marketing as well. Not to mention, doing so is completely free of charge to you, so it’s really a win-win when it’s all said and done!

The last thing to consider is that by reaching out to more people and being infront of more people, you can also introduce your “publishing services” to other individuals who might be interested in publishing a book but wouldn’t know the first place to start!  You can charge money for this service which can be another source of income for you!  The yearning author might also need help in other areas such as marketing their book – so keep that in mind as well!

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