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Wow – I am just having so much fun with book publishing. 

I wanted to share with you how I easily add links to make more money with your digital books.  

Sometimes it is appropriate to add links in your ebooks. These links could be directing readers to a website or they could be affiliate links where your magical link is embedded in a redirect link. 

I am not saying that you should spam your book with links and affiliate offers, but you can sprinkle them in where you feel it is appropriate. 

Whether you want to add links throughout your ebook (like affiliate links) or if you want to add the page to direct readers to REVIEW your book without taking it off the market after it has been accepted by Kindle, this is a very easy thing to do. 

But how can you add a link to direct readers to review if you don’t know what the link is yet??? Here’s the trick….

Here’s what you do:

1) Buy a cheap domain name. It could be a .info domain for $2.99 at http://namecheap.com. 

2a) – Free:

Install wordpress on this domain and download the plugin called Redirection. 

You will be able to put any affiliate link or regular link in this plugin and name the redirect link page.

So your links will look like this:


2b) – Paid:

Easy Redirect Script

This is what I use to easily manage my affiliate / redirect links. It is amazing and really easy. You can track how many clicks you are getting and the developers of the script are known successful marketers and they make really good products. 

When you are writing your books, you can say:

Please review my book at:


When you get your book accepted at kindle, you just take that link and create the redirection AFTER you know what the link is. 

So you never have to take down your book after Kindle accepts it. 

Also – remember (this is really important) – You want to give readers an EASY link to go to.

Kindle readers are not clicking on your links from their Kindle. If you give them a long link with numbers and letters that make no sense, it is going to be very hard for them to get where you want them to go. 

Make it easy for them and make it easier for you at the same time!

Take action with one of these ways. Putting affiliate links in your kindle where you can is a great way to make more money  with your kindle books!  Getting reviews certainly helps sales as well.  It is pretty important to put easy to use links in your kindle books!

Watch this awesome video about Easy Redirect


Get More Info on  Easy Redirect



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