I Had an Urgent Question About Kindle……

I asked a very successful Kindle Book Publisher, Chris Diamond a question that has been on my mind lately.  I was happy he agreed to do this “one question interview” with me. 

I got my hands on Chris’ WSO: How I Made my First $526.23 on Kindle in Just 7 Days and I am so happy that I got a chance to track him down to help me with my question.

The question was: What do you think is more important, the content of your book or the marketing behind it?

Here is what Chris told me:

Most people think, marketing is just a low-end skill. They associate marketing with something that’s not necessary or unimportant. 

We all heard of the expression, “Content is King.” I think Bill Gates said that. 

Well, if the content is the king, marketing is the queen. 

If you have a great content, but it’s promoted badly, people won’t buy it. That’s because they do not know “how great it is.” 

In the information marketing business, everything we offer is based on promises. People do not really see real results AFTER they buy the product and implement what they’ve learned to apply it in their lives. 

That’s why the marketing is the TOOL that’s used to show people what your product is all about or if it is for them. Not just that, marketing also builds relationships with the person who’s buying the product. That’s because the person can’t tell how great your product is (before they buy it), but they can tell if the relationship is good – and that’s why they are buying what they are buying. 

This is achieved only through marketing. The content of the book is just an isolated and organized information that have certain outcome your reader is trying to achieve. The marketing filters out the people who are not going to benefit (not having the same outcome as the book delivers) from your product or service, especially if it is done right. 

Thank you so much Chris for helping me out here!  

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