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Kindle Traffic Sniper shows you how to track your kindle conversions – i have been waiting for this tool for a long time. 

To make it EVEN EASIER for you, if you buy through my link, I am going to hook you up with a video that i made that walks you through this SIMPLE process.  

I went through the process (and succeeded) and I am now tracking how many people view my book per day so i can better TRACK my conversions.

I am giving you the video so that you can follow along and implement this in less than 5 minutes!!

Why do you need this??

Well, for a few reasons:

1) if you are getting several visitors a day and no book sales – then you know you need to change something – you need to change your title, description or even book cover! Something is stopping people from buying your book!!

2) If you are not getting many eyeballs on your book – you know that you need to do MORE in the area of marketing and promoting your book!

3) Make you descriptions more appealing – (I show you how to do this in my video)

Start to track your Kindle conversions today!

Here’s the link:


Instructions to get this amazing bonus:

1) Please buy Kindle Traffic Sniper through this link

2) Send your receipt to

3) Please be patient – but we will send you the bonus fairly quickly

Thanks so much! You are going to love this!



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