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Do you know exactly what the KDP Select Program is?  If you were to take a test on questions only about Kindle Select would you get 100%?  I know that I wouldn’t!

Sure, I know what it is and how to use it and I have used it for many of my books – but it mostly because my other marketing Kindle friends tell me to use it and that it works.  I get hundreds, and sometimes thousands of downloads when I have my book on the free promotion days. 

There were so many questions I had and, in retrospect, there were so many questions that I didn’t even know I had about KDP Select. 

This post is called Kindle Select Tips and indeed you will get that and more from Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes’ new product called Kindle Select Secrets.  

The product is packed with so much value and so much information and insights about this beneficial, but sometimes confusing Amazon Kindle feature called KDP Select

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You see, to really turbo charge your results, you absolutely must be using the KDP Select program in exactly the right way.

KDP Select is the “special sauce” of the dynamic pricing system I gave to you. And, so to make everything 100% clear, step-by-step and EASY to do…

Jay Boyer and I are spilling the beans…

Now, after you get this information which is explained in short and to the point videos, you will be able to pass the KDP Select test and be a whiz at maximizing your earning potential and increased book sales and royalties!

How does that sound?

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