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 One of the most challenging parts of Kindle Publishing is finding the right niches.  Sure you can write about anything, but the million dollar question is – will it sell?

My friend Amy Harrop is an expert at buying and selling books (offline) and with much research and know-how, she has put together a report on NICHES THAT NEED KINDLE BOOKS! 

You see, Amy knows what is selling in paperback and she is handing several niches that are already selling well over to us on a very affordable platter. 

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This is actually a second volume as she came up with volume 1 a few months ago.  I talk to Amy a lot and she called me one day and said how she was getting success stories from people who wrote the books on niches that Amy told them to write!  It’s that simple – just read the report and take action!

Get Kindle Secret Niches Vol. 2 Here

Amy did one of the hardest parts of Kindle publishing for you – NICHE RESEARCH!

Not many people are providing the actual niches like Amy does.  I know that my next book is going to be under Amy’s guidance of which niches are hot and in need of Kindle books!


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