Images, especially in kindle books, is one of the things that separates a “just ok” kindle book from an OUTSTANDING Kindle BOOK. 

The benefits of adding images are:

they bring the book to life: Sometimes words on the page are just not enough.  Images allow you to give the reader a picture in their heads of the subject matter you are writing about. 

they add a nice “break” for the reader: Pages and pages of words could be exhausting for some readers.  Readers could look forward to getting to something that will allow them to take a break from the book.  Especially if if is a book the reader is just reading to be entertained. 

they allow the reader to relate: If you do this correctly, you will place the appropriate images where they should be placed in your book.  Meaning, the right image at the right time! The reader will be able to relate with the picture if you’ve pinned it right (get it pinned / pinterest / pictures)….ok bad joke!   

they can portray the emotion that you want the reader to experience (if you use the right ones): This goes hand in hand with the above reasoning.  You can actually help in control how your reader will actually feel with the correct images in your book.  

they make your book “look pretty”: Let’s face it, just words on a page could look dull and unpretty.  Images change that and add some zest to your books.

For all of these reasons, you should definitely use royalty free images in your kindle books!

One of the sources that I get kindle royalty free images is Kozzi.  It has many pictures to choose from and it is very affordable – images can be wicked expensive!!

There is a small price for Kozzi if you want to use the images for commercial use (they are free for personal use only).  However, since images are so important for you to use and since you should not pay an arm and a let for images, Kozzi is a great solution.  

Check it out here! 

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