Can you believe that the simplest books, even the ones with silly topics might be the best approach for your kindle books?

For Ryan Leonard, these kinds of books generate sales week after week with no promotion for Ryan Leonard……

In Kindle Renegade Volume 2, Ryan goes over how he puts together easy to create, best-selling books.

He shows a case study about how he put together one of these books easily (in 7 easy steps) and inexpensively and he shares his proof that these books are selling.

I especially liked the 2nd report he included, which is about creating a certain type of non-fiction book. These are great types of books to create that can be easily done or outsourced for very little money.

The non-fiction method also includes a video, a mindmap, and a short PDF about outsourcing.  If your stuck on coming up with profitable Kindle book ideas, Ryan’s Kindle Publishing System will get your juices flowing and help you create profitable books easily and quickly

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