Selling Kindle Books or anything online
these days – you need to be different
from your competition.  You need to
showcase some personality.  I love the
way Pinterest allows you to do that. 
I am following Pinning Kindle Profits
to not only have some fun online but
also to sell more of my kindle books
with my different pen names that I have.
Think about it – it’s another avenue
that you can add to people who read your
books.  Inside your books, you can
direct people to connect with you on
Pinterest as a way for them to get to
know you and continue to come back and
buy more of your books and whatever else
you have to sell them.
I am starting new categories and currently 
working on my tennis pinterest board because
I’ve just gotten back into tennis. 
PS – If you need me to invite you to Pinterest – just let me know!
PPS – Check out Kindle Pinning Profits because
you will learn how to incorporate how to connect with potential
buyers on a “less serious” note.  
This will make all the difference in the world when it comes
to how you make money online. 
Insane Kindle Value and insane quality work
as Barb Ling is the author!
Pin with me!

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