I was fed up!

We all have em. Kindle books that are sitting on the virtual shelves collecting virtual dust!!

I had it. Once and for all I wanted to understand why some books were just not selling. 

I was determined to find a person who would know why – an experienced copywriter. 

Think about it…….the very first thing that people see before they buy is:

  • Your Graphics 
  • Your Title
  • Your Description

The book that you spent so long writing / compiling / researching / formatting / outsourcing is in danger of not even getting read. 

That’s what THIS WEBINAR is about!!

Also, in this non-pitch webinar, you will also learn how to make people take action inside of your book. You might want them to go to a website, or write a review for you. 

Minor tweaks in your wording will help you sell more books and get people to do what you want them to do!

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