Kindle Kinetics – Non-Pitch Webinar

Deborah Drum and Adil Amarsi


Very Exciting New Kindle Product.  

This will be a live non-pitch webinar

Launch Date and Time: Wednesday May 2 9PM EDT

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Product: $7, 60% commission

There is no review because the webinar will be held on Monday May 4th

About The Product

Join Deborah and Adil Amarsi on Monday May 4th in a pure content based webinar.  

Copywriter, Adil Amarsi talks about the importance of aspects of your kindle book that are often overlooked.  These include:

— Cover Graphics


–Book Description 

— Chapter Headings

–Inside Book Offers

People spend all this time and energy on the contents of their kindle books that are in jeopardy of not getting read at all because they are missing important pieces to the puzzle in the area of marketing!

Increase your book sales with small tweaks in your book copy!

Kindle Kinetics








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