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The Amazon Kindle marketplace for publishers is going to continue to get more competitive. 

Moving forward, the only way you are going to be a successful Kindle Publisher is:

1. First, you must publish high-quality books.

2. Second, you must be willing to put in extra marketing efforts above and beyond what other publishers are doing.

With marketing efforts, the 3 letter word that many people despise must be mastered – that word is SEO!

If you know how to do SEO, then internet marketing is a cinch! 

The start of understanding SEO is keyword research.  Once you really get a good understanding on what keyword research is, then you will really be in a good place when it comes to ranking.  Now, I don’t mean just knowing what SEO is but really digging deep and understanding the root of the keywords that people use when they want to buy something.

If you choose the right keywords for the title of your book and other forms of marketing for your Kindle books, you will have more eyeballs on your book.  It is very possible to rank for keywords with different marketing strategies that are specific to Kindle Marketing. 

If you want to get a really super understanding about Kindle and SEO, I am recommending you check out 

[kc_font_pac_2_font_13 size=”48″ color=”#000000″]Kindle Slingshot[/kc_font_pac_2_font_13]

One of my favorite parts of this tremendous value report is when Philip talks about his Kindle keyword title strategy.  With Philips method, this is an entirely different way of looking at choosing the right titles for your books. 

Check out Kindle Slingshot

There are so many Kindle Marketing ideas in this report and the strategies used here will take you into where the Kindle marketplace for authors is headed.  The days of just putting up your books and not doing any marketing are over. It means the difference of making $80 per month versus $800 dollars in passive income per month.  

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