kindle-fiction-trainingSo many newcomers to this industry mistakenly believe that writing fiction is much easier to write than non-fiction. Namely because of the fact that there’s a certain stigma of “research” that constantly hangs over the head of any prospective non-fiction Kindle book. And by putting research in quotes, I’m trying to imply that most people regard it as boring, needlessly extra work.

In reality, though, the exact opposite is true. Sure, researching a non-fiction Kindle book is going to take some time — or at least it will if you’re at all interested in actually writing a useful, informative or half-way decent product that isn’t you simply talking when you don’t really know much about the topic.

On the other hand, however, writing fiction requires that you have at least a moderate working knowledge of world-building, characterization and progression, conflict, foreshadowing, resolution and general plot structure — just to name a few.

And while you could certainly slap together a Kindle fiction book without having the slightest clue as to the proper utilization of any of these things, it’s most certainly not recommended if you’re at all concerned with actually managing to sell a few copies of your finished product.

Unlike with non-fiction, where it’s perfectly acceptable to be as dull and droll as can be as long as you’re factually informative, fiction actually requires you to entertain your reader throughout. And unlike non-fiction where people have already decided about buying an informational product you’ve written if they’re currently interested or in need of more knowledge on the subject, the short description and general story summary cannot be faked as a good time if it’s not.

With fiction, all of your Kindle book will be stripped to its bones for the world to see. All of its merits, all of its flaws and all of its potential, are all on display for your prospective readers. And you can bet if you’ve put little effort your Kindle fiction book in the hopes of making a quick buck, it’s going to shine through quite clearly from the beginning and you likely won’t end up selling much of anything.

For more information on how to write fiction, especially if you’ve never tried before, check out this Kindle Fiction Training.

Among other things, Kindle Fiction Training will help you with the following:

>> Discover the secrets of how to type up your Kindle fiction books at lightning speed (provided you’ve gotten all of the outlining and planning out of the way ahead of time first).

>> Learn not only which FIVE Kindle fiction topics/subjects sell the best — time after time, year after year — but also why exactly they manage to do so.

>> Become aware of the most effective and proper way to structure your fiction book so that not only will readers will finish your book, but also so they’ll be left wanting more when the last page has been turned!

>> One sneaky, sly trick to ensure you’re consistently giving your readers amazing content in your books — each and every time!

In addition to much, much more in regards to pricing, promoting and BANKING off of your Kindle fiction books!

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