Kindle Day Job Killer 

We had a chance to review: Kindle Day Job Killer 

While this has a hypey title, it’s packed full of ranking tips and really fantastic! First of all the writer, Martin is funny and engaging, he has a definite personality that really comes through. He’s also packed his full of his own experience and wisdom when it comes to ranking your books on Kindle, including fiction, which is his own focus. 

KDJK is an over 60 page pdf plus additional content bonuses included. This is specific, actionable (and entertaining) training, with plenty of screenshots and examples.

He reveals:

– effective research and writing techniques

– hot topics and genres

– some fantastic training on keyword research – how to optimize your description (plus a really cool additions you can make to your descriptions – love this part…)

– detailed backlinking strategies

– how and where to advertise your book

– a “done for you” book promotion free day service (really cool)

One thing I also really liked is he is very clear about what types
of promotions and advertising don’t work for him as well as what
does work.

This is a great resource and adds some spice and alternatives to
some of what we’ve seen in the past to kindle training.


 PS – There are many “golden nuggets” in this report – especially how you can make your descriptions stand out from your competing books.



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