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Gone are the days when you could just put a book up on Amazon Kindle and then it will just start selling automatically.  It used to be that way and that is why many people began to self publish but the environment has changed so us marketers have to change with it!

With over 40,000 kindle books published a day, the competition is fierce! Publishers now have to actively promote their books in several different ways for the book to get exposure and just even get noticed on Amazon.  

One strategy that works really well to get more people to learn about your book goes like this:

1) Put your book on kdp Select – which is a way for you to make your book free over a period of 5 days in a 90 day period. The objective is to get many people to download your book during these free days as that will get people to know about you as an author as well as up your rankings in the eyes of amazon.  If done properly, this strategy works very well. 

2) Post your free days on popular sites like http://bargainebookhunter.com/feature-your-book/  These sites will give you the opportunity to promote your book and most of the time they are free. 

The only problem is there are about 300 of these sites and you should be posting your book free days on most of them for this strategy to be effective.  This takes a lot of time and also money (if you are having someone else do the posting for you). 

That is why Rob Howard created The KD Promo App.

kd-promoThis is the best automated Kindle promotion tool on the market!

Here is a webinar replay we did about the app:


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The Easiest Way To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Kindle Books


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