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Product Description:

We take the buyer on a full journey from start to finish on how to go about creating a book series and all you need to do to market the book with different tools such as a wordpress blog, social media, authors profile, book trailers, getting reviews and more. We leave nothing out! 

Questions / Review Copies:

Facebook either Deborah Drum or Amy Harrop

Sample Swipe copy:

Tired of nothing but Kindle theory and
Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum, take
you behind the scenes and reveal ALL 
in their  New Product, 
Kindle Full Disclosure
  • Our Niches
  • Our Book Titles
  • Our Strategy
  • and more……
From niche selection, research,
publishing, and marketing, 
we show you real life strategies and
tactics,  complete with the real examples
we put into action.  
We also reveal a real 
“partner for success” strategy that you
can put into place immediately.
Discover fast, easy and effective ways
to get your title  (or titles) in the 
Kindle Marketplace and promote your 
book with marketing systems that work
over and over again.
P.S. There is going to be a special
live bonus training that will include
updates and a chance for you to ask us
questions!  We are here to help and we
are will constantly be adding value!
P.P.S Let’s just say that after you get
through this course you will have more
energy to take action…




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