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I love saturdays….my favorite day of the week.  I’ve been working hard on my kindle projects and even another kindle product that is very exciting.  Book publishing and book selling is a ton of fun!! 

I just got off the phone with Amy Harrop and we were just working hard on our saturday so that we can provide an action packed webinar on Monday!  We are so excited!

Amy Harrop and I are going to be talking about different ways you can market your kindle books both on and off amazon. It should be a lot of fun with tons of kindle marketing gems! It will be content packed and you get the repeat! Hope to see you there!

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It’s funny because I just took a break from working and I plopped on the couch and CNN was on.  There were tons of scary topics like death and killing and guns on airplanes – but then this woman came on and spoke about how mommies can make money online by blogging and speaking their minds.  Needless to say, I can’t get away, it just pulls me back in!

Think of Kindle as another form of marketing something.  It is another vehicle to market (yourself, products, services). Think of something that you can write a story about – either non-fiction, fiction, or a mixture of both!  That’s what sells more books and it’s the vehicle for marketing other things.  

I have to go back to playing Draw Something.

Enjoy your saturday!

Deborah Drum

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