For those of you who know me, you know
that publish my books to many different
platforms. One of the platforms that I
publish to is Createspace where people
can actually print the books that I write. 
Sounds cool huh? 
I make a pretty sweet passive income 
each month this way as well! 
I am working on another project
exclusively for createspace which I am
looking forward to sharing with you soon.  
When I learned how to publish to
createspace, I paid close to $500!  
Here’s a little secret – you can
publish your Kindle books to createspace
EVEN IF your book is on KDP Select 
(because it is inprint – it is not digital).  
To publish to createspace, your book has to be
minimum 24 pages (in a 6×9 format which
is included in this product). 
Here is what you will discover with this createspace tutorial:

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