Yup That’s Right!

Internet Marketing all about the visuals……
what we see! 
If we like what we see, then we are intrigued and
we dig deeper.  If we don’t like what we see 
(or if we see nothing for that matter), then we 
move on.  
Pictures tell a story – sometimes much more than
words can.  
With this being said, and with visual sites like
the famous pinterest not going away anytime soon, 
we need easy ways to make images that are appealing.
The great part about it is that we don’t have to be 
Watch this video

I found this plugin today that works with wordpress
where it gives you the ability to edit images right 
in wordpress without having to take all those other
steps of opening a photo editor program! 
(that takes so much time!!)
I love have it makes images look like instagrams
(notice that terminology?).  
It’s All About The Visuals Baby!
Picture Perfect is what this plugin is!
P.S – This is under $10 right now – it’s a steal!
Get serious with images!
 Image Presser Review

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