I must admit – I am guilty of doing MOST of my book publishing myself.  I:

-write the articles
-format the book
– proof read the book
– make the cover
– upload it to the different publishing sites like Kindle

That takes me A LOT of TIME. 

 I think that being the DOER in the beginning is smart because you learn the process and you become an expert at what goes into publishing books.

However, once you know how to sell books, being the DOER is not the right way to spend your precious time.

All you need to learn how to outsource your ebooks is

Outsourcing a Kindle Book

I have already started to outsource my next book based on Rachel and James’ recommendations on THE RIGHT WAY TO OUTSOURCE Kindle books! 

I think I am going to like outsourcing rather than having the burden of doing everything on my own.

There is so much value in Outsourcing a Kindle Book and it is all you need to start outsourcing your next book. 

Skip the guessing game and save yourself tons of money going it the right way.

There is no one that knows outsourcing better than Rachel Rofe. Follow in her footsteps and take her advice when it comes to outsourcing. You will be glad you did!

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