Can it be done?  Can you create a kindle book in just one weekend?

Of course!  I’ve done it! 

The great thing about Kindle is that many people are looking for quick reads.  They are not looking for long drawn out novels when they want to learn about something.

You can create books where you just cut through the nonsense.  That is what Lina did here in her Kindle Weekend Product

You see, if you are talking about a subject like for instance Acne, for example, and you have a list of ways to prevent acne, you can skip a lot of the “what is acne” type chapter because people are not buying your book to read that.  They are buying the book to get quick results and that is why these short books work so well. 

If you can find the right topic that people will buy (most important step) and get the Kindle book done in one weekend – then you should be good to go!

See how it works here

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