Hands Off Books Review and Bonus

It is just so much fun learning all the different ways that you can get your kindle books published without having to do much work at all yourself!

When I first started out with kindle, I wrote and reviewed every last word of every book that I published. Well, that is so far from the case right now. 

Rachel Rofe’s new report, Hands Off Books is filled with golden gems to get your book done, well, hands off!

Does that sound crazy to you?  Well, it is very possible.

I received a review copy and I took just one (of several) ideas and put it into action.  You see, I was in the middle of writing a fiction book and I was at a standstill because I was dreading a chapter that I had to write.  Using one of Rachel’s methods, I was able to get that chapter created in less than ONE HOUR and now I am able to get my book done (FINALLY).

You gotta grab this report here:


There’s another section of my book that I am going to use another strategy and get it done for ABSOLUTELY FREE – again, without writing a single word myself!

Pretty cool right?

Get it here!


Wait there’s more….

We want to reward you for getting this through my link or Amy’s link with a sweet BONUS:

Audiobooks are a great way to syndicate content, but you can go crazy with all of the ins and outs to get your books into the audio format.

Well, we’ve got that covered in this report called Audio Book It Now. This is your complete guide on how to get books into an audio format.

To get this amazing bonus,


1) Please buy Hands off Book Writing through this link


2) Send your receipt to https://amydebcreations.zendesk.com/home

3) Dive into Hands off Book Writing and wait for your bonus. We will be checking if you did indeed buy this product through our link so please be patient!

Thanks so much! You are going to love this!



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