If you are struggling to find characteristics for your fiction characters – then perhaps I have found something that will give you some great ideas so that you can create the most interesting that your readers will love!

Maybe you have some ideas but you are stuck on some details.  That’s perfectly ok and normal – because there are just so many directions that you can take characters in and it could get overwhelming.

I stumbled across this tool called Random Young Adult Character Generator.  Now, right off the bat, it is a bit limited because it is only for “young adult characters” but you can get some great ideas just playing around with this free tool.   

All you need to do is choose what you want the tool to give you and whallah – your character is generated.


I would suggest that you run this a few times to get some ideas and come to a conclusion on your own as to what you want your character to be, but this is a great tool to formulate your character’s appearance, flaws, mood, etc. 

Here is an example of what the tool outputs for you.  You can even have the results emailed to you so that you can save them for later.  How cool is that? 




Again, run through this a few times and even if your character is not a young adult, you can still generate some great ideas from this free tool for your fiction characters

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