Fast App Promotion: How To Easily Create Mobile Apps to Promote your Brand, Blog Or Book


Launch Date: Thursday 6/28, 11am EDT

Front End: $7 dime sale / 65% commission

OTO: $7 / 50% commission

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About The Product:

Amy and Debbie walk you through a complete process on how to easily and quickly create an android app to promote anything without much investment! 

The Android is actually the most widely used operating system. According to Wikipedia:

While iPhone and now iPad apps are getting a lot of the focus in the marketing world right now, the fact is Android apps are more popular and widespread. 

In the product, we show 3 different types of apps that we create from scratch.  

This product will appeal to any marketer who is is promoting anything!

  • Affiliate products
  • Offline Clients
  • Kindle Books
  • Product Creation
People might think that app creation is expensive and timely and Debbie and Amy prove that wrong in Fast App Promotion
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If you are not going mobile with your marketing and promotions, you are missing out on a huge number of people in the marketplace.

If You:

– Are an Affiliate Marketer
– Have a Blog
– Write Kindle Books
– Are an Offline Marketer
– Create Products
– Provide a service

Then Keep On Reading!

Amy Harrop has been sneakily doing Android Apps for the past 2 years while many people (like me) were clueless on how to go about creating an app.

2 Myths that came to my head regarding apps were 1) I needed programming skills or needed to hire a programmer that would 2) Cost me a fortune. 

I wasn’t ready to take that gamble.

Well, it turns out that creating really quality apps for promotion purposes IS DIRT SIMPLE and FUN and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!

If you are a creator or you want an EASY WAY TO REACH A MASSIVE POPULATION, check out Fast App Promotion – Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum’s new wso!

We take you step by step on how to create Android Apps to market any blog, brand, kindle book, local business and affiliate products.

Skip the learning curve because we’ve done the work for you

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Did you know that it could take you less than a day to make one of these Apps? You can easily outsource this as well because literally anyone who can point and click a mouse can do this.

Here’s a secret – when Amy wanted me to do this product with her I was very uncertain, but when I saw how easy this stuff was, it got my brain thinking of the never ending possibilities for these apps.

Now, guess what – I am an app creator!

Now, go out and impress your family, friends and loved ones and become an instant app creator

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