Don’t worry, the title of this article was a joke. Of course you’d want some free publicity for your Kindle book, blog, or product!  I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t? Obviously, such free publicity isn’t going to come your way out of the blue. You’re going to have to put in some work and putting yourself out there (see also: networking) if you truly want to make the current online media landscape work the best for you.

One of the best ways is to leverage free publicity to get the word out. 

Power Promotion is an in-depth training course which reveals how to promote your product, blog, book or brand via online radio shows and podcasts, and even shows you how to start your own.

Think about it – you’re your own brand – and unless you’re only planning on selling one or two Kindle books or products total for your entire life, don’t you think it would be extremely beneficial and most certainly worth your while to start building your own brand? It ultimately has a compound effect that makes marketing and gaining hype for your new projects exponentially easier.

Whether it be guest starring on other websites or blog podcasts, or setting up shop with your very own show, Power Promotion guides you through not only what you’ll need to do to get exposure in these areas but – perhaps most importantly – how to properly and effectively harness the rewards that this type of self-branding will bring. 

Unlike many other “simple and easy to follow” how-to guides, Power Promotion breaks everything down into five different sections — each detailing its own piece of the inherently powerful (not to mention ridiculously cheap) online publicity pie. 

Literally all the information you’d need to take advantage of this criminally underutilized aspect of online self-promotion is contained within its training. It’s easy to follow, it’s easy to understand and extremely powerful if you’re up for putting in the relatively minimal amount of work required to start reaping the rewards. 

This is a fantastic way to get the word out quickly about your  content and in front of your targeted audience. Click right here to go and take advantage of the untapped and free rewards you’ve been missing out on today!

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