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We all know that multiple platforms equals more money. One of the best places to earn a passive income is on the app platform. Apps are much easier to publish then you might think.

And they don’t have to be big or complicated.Yes, that’s right – silly apps that don’t take much to make are generating hundreds a day in passive income.

Even if you don’t have a lick of programming skills you can start making a nice passive income stream with apps like Matt Rhodes is doing.

See his story here:

Matt had an idea and put it into action (without ANY programming skills) and he shows how he did it and exactly what he did.

What we like best about this is he gives a full set of ideas that you can take and run with for your own.  

Think about it  – Your app doesn’t have to be some complicated process of making another Angry Birds App – it could be as easy as making a book app for kids and every time there is an animal – the kid can click on it and the sound the animal makes plays….how cool (and easy) would that be??

Another aspect – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your app idea.  Take an ALREADY EXISTING APP and put your own spin on it and cash in – it’s as simple as that!

See how it’s done here:

Deb & Amy

PS – For only $7 you can get the formula to succeed with apps!


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