First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends / family / loved ones!

 Sure, this is a time to be thankful of course and eat a lot of food, but for an internet marketer, the smell of “organization” is in the air.  

 Now is a great time to start setting things up to have a successful December and then the all familiar – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Eeeek – I can’t believe it is already approaching. 

One day my computer screen turned BLUR. This is a sign of NO GOOD when your computer screen turns to blue and it has all kinds of wording on it that pretty much says that the situation is not a good one.  Sure it restarted fine — for now!!  I wasn’t worried when I saw blue this time though, which I will explain in a second. 


After Hurricane Sandy, I had to visit my foot doctor and he was temporarily practicing at another location because Long Beach was a disaster zone with no electricity.  He knew my face but could not access my files because he couldn’t access my charts as all my information was on his local computer in his office in Long Beach.  I explained to the doctor that even though we had this horrible hurricane, my business was still running fine and that should really be the case for you too.  

You see, I am not committed to one machine or computer. If my computer dies or I keep seeing that blue screen, that’s ok, because I can just move onto the next like nothing happened at all without much work to do on my part. 

I would hope that is the case for you!  What honestly helped me was a simple tool called Dropbox

It is amazing! I started out with the free account, but then I moved onto pay $99 for the entire year because I needed more space.  

Obviously, the doctor’s solution is not dropbox, it is more of a cloud / or web-based solution as opposed to a software (software is so 2000 and late!!!).  

I was hanging out in Best Buy yesterday and got really excited about the new laptop / tablet computer!  WOW – was I amazed!  I am scared to get anything so new because I know that the technology is going to improve in like 3 months!

So, start thinking about this.  Back up all of your work because you never know when you will need something to repurpose for another project or a bonus.  Get organized now so your business does not depend on “everything running smoothely” to get by.  

Here’s the link again to Dropbox

Open an account for free and test it out.  This is a great time to put everything in place so that you can enjoy life even more!!


Join Dropbox Today For Free

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