Description Detective – Kindle Software Review

If your book is not selling then you might want to consider making
some tweaks to your book description.

The book description is a valuable piece of real estate that Amazon
gives us to describe what it is the buyer is getting when they hit
that one click to purchase button.

How can we make people hit that button just a little bit faster and
perhaps with a little more excitement to see the contents of YOUR

We wanted to help people do that and that is why we built
Description Detective

See the demo here:

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This cutting edge software tool mines book descriptions on Amazon
so you can model successful book descriptions. Want more book
sales? Model what is already selling!

Check it out here:



In addition, Description Detective comes with a 35 page report, and
a quick start cheat sheet detailing the best strategies and
practices for a creating a book description that sells your book
for you.


PS – Don’t let one of your most important sales tools for your book
fall by the how to easily create better book




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