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Kindle Idea Machine Review

  Brad Spencer is one of the most talented and smartest marketers that I know. I have met him a few times at different marketing events and he is full of a TON of great marketing ideas. Brad brings some amazing and unique ideas to the table and he has done it here in the Kindle Idea Machine. I love this stuff.  There are big bad companies who are spending  A LOT of money on market research to find out what OUR CUSTOMERS are interested in. We can EASILY tap into that research and create our own unique books to target those customers and make book sales. If you are struggling for money making ideas for your kindle books you should pick up this WSO right away. Use other people’s research to leverage your  sales.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because it is already spinning and all you need to do is jump…

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How To Outsource a Kindle Book – Video Review

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How To Outsource Kindle Books – ANSWERED

I must admit – I am guilty of doing MOST of my book publishing myself.  I: -write the articles -format the book – proof read the book – make the cover – upload it to the different publishing sites like Kindle That takes me A LOT of TIME.   I think that being the DOER in the beginning is smart because you learn the process and you become an expert at what goes into publishing books. However, once you know how to sell books, being the DOER is not the right way to spend your precious time. All you need to learn how to outsource your ebooks is Outsourcing a Kindle Book I have already started to outsource my next book based on Rachel and James’ recommendations on THE RIGHT WAY TO OUTSOURCE Kindle books!  I think I am going to like outsourcing rather than having the burden of doing everything on my own. There is…

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The cover is usually my last step when it comes to what needs to be done to upload my book to the kindle marketplace.  It also is the one thing that I absolutely dread doing for some reason. I just want to upload my book and move on! I spend so much time and energy on the actual book, but in fact it’s the COVER that’s going to get people in the door.  The cover can make or break your book no matter how great it is! I spend so much time trying to find the right images and even buying images when I just can’t find the royalty free image I am looking for.  The problem just got solved Whether you make your own covers or outsource the design, you NEED to check this out offer. What I LOVE about it is the high quality PLR that is just sitting there waiting for you,…

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