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How I Use Pinterest

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus, every marketer should use Pinterest.  I am guilty of not using one or 2 of the above but you gotta pick your battles so to speak! I chose to get involved with Pinterest because images are trending now and using images in any kind of marketing that you do will only benefit you.  People love images and they tell a story if you use them correctly. Putting an image in a blog post is a great way to add some pizzazz to your post.  Using the right image can also help intrigue people to stay on your website and actually read what you have created for them. So I thought, why not take that same image that I put on my blog and post it directly to my pinterest account?? It takes no time at all and you are essentially putting the same material on many platforms…

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Promoting Kindle Books On and Off Amazon

We hear it all the time: Kindle Publishers are: Confused Overwhelmed and Frustrated Gone are the days where you can just plop up your Kindle book and see a monthly flow of passive income! Kindle Authors are understanding this, but they just don’t know which direction to turn when it comes to effectively promoting their books. [kc_font_pac_2_font_10 size=”48″ color=”#000000″]Until Now..[/kc_font_pac_2_font_10] We are offering an awesome value-packedKindle product all on how to market yourKindle books on and off Amazon.   We made this product as a direct responseto Kindle authors getting confused on whatactions and steps they need to take when it comes to marketing their books.  Well – ask no more because this product hasit all:  Check it out: 21 Day Book Promotion This modular-based promotionalsystem makes it easy for anypublisher to promote theirKindle title, or outsourcetheir promotion, so they canconcentrate on writing andpublishing.  Each step is broken down and contains a quick-start guide, a shorthow-to video, and…

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Kindle Keyword Training

See this video on Google Keyword Tool Training (2012) The Amazon Kindle marketplace for publishers is going to continue to get more competitive.  Moving forward, the only way you are going to be a successful Kindle Publisher is: 1. First, you must publish high-quality books. 2. Second, you must be willing to put in extra marketing efforts above and beyond what other publishers are doing. With marketing efforts, the 3 letter word that many people despise must be mastered – that word is SEO! If you know how to do SEO, then internet marketing is a cinch!  The start of understanding SEO is keyword research.  Once you really get a good understanding on what keyword research is, then you will really be in a good place when it comes to ranking.  Now, I don’t mean just knowing what SEO is but really digging deep and understanding the root of the keywords that people use when…

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James Jones’ Images Made Easy Review and Bonus

Check Out The Bonus Below (Today is the last day to get it).  Get It Here Deborah’s Bonus If you purchase through my link – I will send you my bonus training on her to use images to differentiate yourself and stand out.  P.S – The pdf training shows you how to find free royalty free images that you can use to not violate any copyright laws. The special offer is the tool shown above that easily finds the images for you.  This will be the best tiny investment you’ve made all year!! Get It Here while the price is low! PS – You don’t want to miss this huge opportunity to really simplify your life when it comes to finding free royalty free images.   Yes, Deborah – Show me how to get this product today for way less than $97!! ***To access my bonus, send me an email with your receipt and I will…

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Image Presser Review

Yup That’s Right!   Internet Marketing all about the visuals…… what we see!    If we like what we see, then we are intrigued and we dig deeper.  If we don’t like what we see  (or if we see nothing for that matter), then we  move on.     Pictures tell a story – sometimes much more than words can.     With this being said, and with visual sites like the famous pinterest not going away anytime soon,  we need easy ways to make images that are appealing.   The great part about it is that we don’t have to be  designers.   Watch this video   Get It Here     I found this plugin today that works with wordpress where it gives you the ability to edit images right  in wordpress without having to take all those other steps of opening a photo editor program!  (that takes so much time!!)   Get…

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Product Creation Pro Discount

Something always suffers right? Fast + Cheap = Inferior Good + Cheap = Slow Good + Fast = Expensive Now, [kc_font_pac_2_font_4 size=”30″ color=”#000000″]Great + Fast = Product Creation Pro[/kc_font_pac_2_font_4] I played around with a Product Creation Pro that allows you to product high quality documents using templates from an easy to use application.  [kc_heading_pac_18_headline_1 size=”24″ color=”#003f69″ ]Look At My Example Here[/kc_heading_pac_18_headline_1]  Many of us are creators, we are not designers. Getting our stuff to look good can be challenging and expensive.  That doesn’t sound fun or very profitable. Product Creation Pro allows us to focus on creating while not having to worry about paying high priced designers for the simple reports and ebooks we want to create. Here’s what you should do: Use this link to create your free trial account to take Product Creation Pro for a test drive (like what I did). Use this link to get Product Creator Pro at a…

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How To Create A Kindle Book Fast

Can it be done?  Can you create a kindle book in just one weekend? Of course!  I’ve done it!  The great thing about Kindle is that many people are looking for quick reads.  They are not looking for long drawn out novels when they want to learn about something. You can create books where you just cut through the nonsense.  That is what Lina did here in her Kindle Weekend Product.  You see, if you are talking about a subject like for instance Acne, for example, and you have a list of ways to prevent acne, you can skip a lot of the “what is acne” type chapter because people are not buying your book to read that.  They are buying the book to get quick results and that is why these short books work so well.  If you can find the right topic that people will buy (most important step) and get the Kindle…

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Increase Your Monthly Book Sales This Way

  For those of you who know me, you know that publish my books to many different platforms. One of the platforms that I publish to is Createspace where people can actually print the books that I write.  Sounds cool huh?    I make a pretty sweet passive income  each month this way as well!    I am working on another project exclusively for createspace which I am looking forward to sharing with you soon.     When I learned how to publish to createspace, I paid close to $500!     You can learn how for $7 here   Here’s a little secret – you can publish your Kindle books to createspace EVEN IF your book is on KDP Select  (because it is inprint – it is not digital).   To publish to createspace, your book has to be minimum 24 pages (in a 6×9 format which is included in this product).    Here is…

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Kindle Best Seller Interview

[kc_heading_pac_10_headline_main_5 size=”60″ color=”#dd0d0d” ]Kindle Best Seller Interview[/kc_heading_pac_10_headline_main_5][kc_heading_three size=”37″ color=”#000000″]The Weekend Challenge[/kc_heading_three] Deborah Drum Bryan Bowers I remember it like it was yesterday.  Bryan approached me to let me know about his Kindle Formatting Product that he was promoting.  I looked over the course and it had really great and straightforward information about how to successfully format Kindle books.  However, I thought to myself that everyone and their mother had some kind of Kindle formatting product.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great product and I highly recommend it. Here’s where the real magic happened…… Throughout Bryan’s salescopy, he mentions very nonchalantly that he is a not one but [kc_background_pac_2_highlight_3 size=”36″ color=”#000000″]TWO TIME BEST SELLER!!.[/kc_background_pac_2_highlight_3]  After Bryan contacted me again about his Kindle Formatting product, I said [kc_heading_two size=”27″ color=”#FF0000″]”BRYAN – TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS BEST SELLER STUFF!!”[/kc_heading_two] Get More Information Here

Kindle Secret Niches

  [kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11 size=”40″ color=”#0000FF” ]Finding Kindle Niches That Sell Has Never Been Simpler[/kc_heading_pac_16_headline_11]  One of the most challenging parts of Kindle Publishing is finding the right niches.  Sure you can write about anything, but the million dollar question is – will it sell? My friend Amy Harrop is an expert at buying and selling books (offline) and with much research and know-how, she has put together a report on NICHES THAT NEED KINDLE BOOKS!  You see, Amy knows what is selling in paperback and she is handing several niches that are already selling well over to us on a very affordable platter.  See more here This is actually a second volume as she came up with volume 1 a few months ago.  I talk to Amy a lot and she called me one day and said how she was getting success stories from people who wrote the books on niches that Amy told them to…

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Kindle Royalty Free Images

Images, especially in kindle books, is one of the things that separates a “just ok” kindle book from an OUTSTANDING Kindle BOOK.  The benefits of adding images are: —they bring the book to life: Sometimes words on the page are just not enough.  Images allow you to give the reader a picture in their heads of the subject matter you are writing about.  —they add a nice “break” for the reader: Pages and pages of words could be exhausting for some readers.  Readers could look forward to getting to something that will allow them to take a break from the book.  Especially if if is a book the reader is just reading to be entertained.  —they allow the reader to relate: If you do this correctly, you will place the appropriate images where they should be placed in your book.  Meaning, the right image at the right time! The reader will be able to relate…

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Kindle Kinetics – Non-Pitch Webinar

I was fed up! We all have em. Kindle books that are sitting on the virtual shelves collecting virtual dust!! I had it. Once and for all I wanted to understand why some books were just not selling.  I was determined to find a person who would know why – an experienced copywriter.  Think about it…….the very first thing that people see before they buy is: Your Graphics  Your Title Your Description The book that you spent so long writing / compiling / researching / formatting / outsourcing is in danger of not even getting read.  That’s what THIS WEBINAR is about!! Also, in this non-pitch webinar, you will also learn how to make people take action inside of your book. You might want them to go to a website, or write a review for you.  Minor tweaks in your wording will help you sell more books and get people to do what you want…

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Pinning Video

I am having so much fun pinning. Here’ a video I shot earlier to show how you can make more book sales whether you are directing traffic to Amazon, a blog or another place on the web.   Video Sponsor: Click Here To Access Traffic Changing Video

Kindle Pinning Profits Review

Selling Kindle Books or anything online these days – you need to be different from your competition.  You need to showcase some personality.  I love the way Pinterest allows you to do that.    I am following Pinning Kindle Profits to not only have some fun online but also to sell more of my kindle books with my different pen names that I have.   Think about it – it’s another avenue that you can add to people who read your books.  Inside your books, you can direct people to connect with you on Pinterest as a way for them to get to know you and continue to come back and buy more of your books and whatever else you have to sell them.   Take a look at my Pinterest and connect with me here.    I am starting new categories and currently  working on my tennis pinterest board because I’ve just gotten back into tennis. …

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How to use PLR to Publish Kindle Books

  New WSO – Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum Amy Harrop and I are excited to release our new WSO called PLR to Published This is a product filled with amazing value and awesome content on how to use PLR to help you write your Kindle books. Yeah yeah, everyone is saying that you can’t use PLR on Kindle. You CAN actually use PLR if you know how to use it right and to your advantage.  Folks that are using PLR the wrong way are the ones that shouldn’t be using PLR in the first place! The ones (like Amy and I) are making moola selling books online. It’s pretty fantastic when you learn how to use PLR the RIGHT WAY Learn how here! This is a membership site with videos and PDFs and mindmaps.  It is worth WAY MORE than what the price is at right now.  Get it while the price is low!…

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