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Amazon’s Kindle Market is one of the largest in the world. But if you’re only catering content to only Kindle users you are missing out. There are other markets on the rise, and if you haven’t tapped into them, you won’t see your audience grow. These are places such as the iBookstore, Kobo, E-sentral and Google Books. Click Here To Read The Article

Being Your Own Editor

Hiring an editor is often one of the best things that a writer can do, but most of us don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars needed to have a second set of eyes to objectively check our writing. While editing your work will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your piece and it has the potential to enhance sales, you can do the work yourself. Every editor will obviously check and correct your grammar, but that’s often the last thing on the editor’s mind. Here is everything else that you should look for when editing your own piece. Remember, it’s more about making the book work better, not impress your English teacher.    Consistency An editor is very concerned with consistency. Does Sarah, the blonde cheerleader on page 12, still have blonde hair on page 146? Does Randy, the Southener with the heavy accent, still have an accent on the fifth chapter? Readers are…

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Can Novellas be Successful?

  There are many times when writers, especially fiction writers, get too hung up on the size of their book. This doesn’t happen to non-fiction writers too often because they keep writing until they are finished and then publish the book. If there’s a lot to say about the topic, then the book will be long. Otherwise, it’s short. Fiction writers feel pushed to either bundle a bunch of short stories together into an anthology, or go for a full novel at 40,000+ words. While there’s nothing wrong with publishing something this long or longer, some stories are best on the shorter side. True or not, many writers would prefer to push the story further than to face publishing a novella. However, the truth is that novellas can be just as successful as their longer counterparts.   Successful Novellas   Everyone’s heard of successful novels. Nearly every major seller in the fiction world is a…

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Offline Client – Kindle Book

I’ve said it many times.  The money is in people who want to publish their own book but they have no clue how to do it on their own.  But Guess What….. [kc_heading_one size=”38″ color=”#000000″]You Do!![/kc_heading_one] You know how to publish and market a book so you can charge big bucks for that.  There’s just one problem – you have to know how to get paid for your knowledge and knowhow.  Over the weekend, my very successful friend asked me if I would help her publish for 50% of the royalties. Now, the old me would be like “OK, Sure” without thinking twice.   But the new and experienced me shut up and thought before I opened my mouth.   I asked her what she wanted to write the book about and she answered me.  As a kindle publisher, you know as well as I do there is no money in publishing and selling just…

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Kindle Select Tips – KDP Select Tips

  Do you know exactly what the KDP Select Program is?  If you were to take a test on questions only about Kindle Select would you get 100%?  I know that I wouldn’t! Sure, I know what it is and how to use it and I have used it for many of my books – but it mostly because my other marketing Kindle friends tell me to use it and that it works.  I get hundreds, and sometimes thousands of downloads when I have my book on the free promotion days.  There were so many questions I had and, in retrospect, there were so many questions that I didn’t even know I had about KDP Select.  This post is called Kindle Select Tips and indeed you will get that and more from Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes’ new product called Kindle Select Secrets.   The product is packed with so much value and so…

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Turn Negatives to Positives

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size=”40″ color=”#373737″ align=”center”]What is Stopping You?[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]   I live in NY and it has been raining a lot lately.  The weekend was beautiful but during the week it has been just rainy rainy rainy! I love the rain but it is really fun and cozy to relax when it is raining as opposed to have to work and come up with new ideas and be motivated. Honestly, I’ve been fighting against the weather bringing me into a funk. I wanted to write this post to turn that around and possibly offer you some advice when things like this happen. We have to turn anything that is negative into a positive. That should be our goal.  Essentially, that is how we win and fight against whatever is bringing us down.  At least that is the way I see it (sometimes easier said than done) but that is beside the point.  So first, the idea is…

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Kindle Publishing Free Video Training

Please check out this series of video training on how to make money with book publishing! I’ve been successful with Kindle publishing and publishing my books to other places around the internet and I wanted to share the many ways to be successful with book publishing (because there are many!) and they are not as obvious as you might think. Go ahead and sign up here – it is completely free! I will see you inside!!

You Get What You Ask For

I love it.  I love hiring people. It’s like my new favorite thing to do. I learned how to outsource a kindle book from Rachel Rofe and James Jones.  In this training, they actually give you the exact wording and videos that you need so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to describing what you need. When you are outsourcing anything, not just a Kindle book, you literally get what you ask for.  The other day I gave a small project to someone and I left out an important detail about the task I gave him.  When I got the work back, it of course was missing certain things that I needed that outsourcer to do.  Go figure.  It was missing that information because I DIDN’T ASK FOR THAT INFORMATION. With outsourcing, the devil is in the details.  Don’t expect your outsourcer to go above and beyond and assume things…

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Silent But Deadly – Kindle Ranking System

Howdy Publishers,   I became very intrigued with Jimmy Mancini’s (cool name) Kindle Ranking System.   Jimmy shows a step by step ranking system that he successfully uses to climb his kindle books to the top rankings.   I like the style of silent videos that simply demonstrate exactly what you need to be doing to rank your kindle books.  Jimmy shows very clever ways in doing so.   Did you know that you can actually build trust and rankings for your readers? The more trust readers have for you and your books, the more trust Amazon is going to have.  That means more sales!   Get the Kindle Ranking System   You will be able to put these strategies into place immediately after you learn them.   Put more oomph into your books using the strategies taught here     See you at the top, Deborah Drum

Warning about Amazon Reviews

I would like to look out for my fellow publishers and I just want to warn you that it is not good to purchase reviews for your kindle books.  While it is just not cool to begin with to buy reviews, I heard that Amazon actually puts out Fiverr Reviews Gigs on and they are cracking down and catching people who are buying reviews!  Imagine that? Caught red handed! That would not be cool for your Kindle and book publishing business.  I hope I scared you enough so that you   Don’t Buy Reviews! There are many products out there about Kindle but you have to take the best parts out of them.  As you become a better book publisher, you will understand and feel what is right and what is wrong. Buying reviews is not right.  It throws off fair competition.  Get reviews by connecting with actual authors in the same niche and…

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Know What Your Readers Want – Quickly

Take The Guessing Game OUT of Knowing EXACTLY What Your Reader’s Want There is now a way to take all the guessing out of what your customers want out of a topic that you are providing.  The more you get into publishing on Kindle, the more creative you are going to have to be if you want to make sales.  Simply just plopping up information and hoping it sticks is a waste of time. If you are going to take the time to put up a book, you might as well do the research to find out what your target market is looking for and wanting. Your research just got easier with Kindle Answers When it comes to deciding on the contents and chapters, this is where you really need to spend the majority of your time because ultimately it’s the content that’s going to make or break how well your book sells. There are…

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Kindle Secrets

What’s Your Kindle Secret? I am sure anyone who publishes books has a kindle secret that think they do really well.  Whether it is the writing part or the outsourcing part or maybe even the title keyword researching.   I would love to hear from you what your secret is.  You don’t have to give them all away (or you can if you want to 😆 Please leave a comment.  I am working on some things to help book publishers help each other! Let’s make it together! Debbie  Please leave your comments below!   

It’s Saturday

I love saturdays….my favorite day of the week.  I’ve been working hard on my kindle projects and even another kindle product that is very exciting.  Book publishing and book selling is a ton of fun!!  I just got off the phone with Amy Harrop and we were just working hard on our saturday so that we can provide an action packed webinar on Monday!  We are so excited! Amy Harrop and I are going to be talking about different ways you can market your kindle books both on and off amazon. It should be a lot of fun with tons of kindle marketing gems! It will be content packed and you get the repeat! Hope to see you there! Sign Up Here It’s funny because I just took a break from working and I plopped on the couch and CNN was on.  There were tons of scary topics like death and killing and guns on…

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Why My First Kindle Book Tanked

Yup – that’s right. The first Kindle book I ever wrote sells about 2-3 copies per month on Kindle. I don’t think that is exceptionally great.   The good part is that I know why it failed!   I had  this amazing idea that no one else was doing. There were no other books like it on the market…..most established marketers know that is a sign to run the other way. You actually want to write books where there IS competition and where there ARE other books selling on the market. The Kindle Clone Method makes this very clear. It was one of those busy / lazy Saturdays and I picked up an inexpensive report that has a treasure chest of money making book selling strategies. A light bulb went off in my head when I read about one sneaky place to look to find EXACTLY what readers are looking for….. I LOVE this idea…

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The King and Queen of Kindle Publishing

I Had an Urgent Question About Kindle…… I asked a very successful Kindle Book Publisher, Chris Diamond a question that has been on my mind lately.  I was happy he agreed to do this “one question interview” with me.  I got my hands on Chris’ WSO: How I Made my First $526.23 on Kindle in Just 7 Days and I am so happy that I got a chance to track him down to help me with my question. The question was: What do you think is more important, the content of your book or the marketing behind it? Here is what Chris told me: Most people think, marketing is just a low-end skill. They associate marketing with something that’s not necessary or unimportant.  We all heard of the expression, “Content is King.” I think Bill Gates said that.  Well, if the content is the king, marketing is the queen.  If you have a great content, but…

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