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Hands Off Books Rachel Rofe Review and Bonus

Hands Off Books Review and Bonus It is just so much fun learning all the different ways that you can get your kindle books published without having to do much work at all yourself! When I first started out with kindle, I wrote and reviewed every last word of every book that I published. Well, that is so far from the case right now.  Rachel Rofe’s new report, Hands Off Books is filled with golden gems to get your book done, well, hands off! Does that sound crazy to you?  Well, it is very possible. I received a review copy and I took just one (of several) ideas and put it into action.  You see, I was in the middle of writing a fiction book and I was at a standstill because I was dreading a chapter that I had to write.  Using one of Rachel’s methods, I was able to get that chapter created…

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eBook Publishing Made Easy

Now, there is a super easy and fast way to convert your ebook that would be ready for publishing. Using these two softwares; Sigil and Calibre, you can now save a lot of time in formatting your ebook into epub and kindle format. In this video, Rich McCue showed how to use these two softwares in formatting an ebook from Google Docs. Exciting Stuff!!

Get Kindle Reviews – Publisher’s Review Accelerator

The Easiest Way To Find Kindle Reviewers   See How It Works Get it Here For The Lowest Price One of the hardest aspects about book publishing is getting reviews. Reviews are crucial for you books.  They are even part of Amazon’s ranking formula.  Reviews also play a huge social role – the more good reviews people see, the better buyers will feel about purchasing your book. In our own testing, we have found that getting reviewers from people in your niche is much more effective than reaching out to other publishers in forums and facebook groups. Those strategies will still work, but here’s another strategy for your book publishing arsenal. Publisher’s Review Accelerator is for ANY PUBLISHER who wants to get highly targeted reviews of their work. We have found that getting the right people to review your books will expand your reach, increase your exposure, and increase your book sales. See how it…

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So many newcomers to this industry mistakenly believe that writing fiction is much easier to write than non-fiction. Namely because of the fact that there’s a certain stigma of “research” that constantly hangs over the head of any prospective non-fiction Kindle book. And by putting research in quotes, I’m trying to imply that most people regard it as boring, needlessly extra work. In reality, though, the exact opposite is true. Sure, researching a non-fiction Kindle book is going to take some time — or at least it will if you’re at all interested in actually writing a useful, informative or half-way decent product that isn’t you simply talking when you don’t really know much about the topic. On the other hand, however, writing fiction requires that you have at least a moderate working knowledge of world-building, characterization and progression, conflict, foreshadowing, resolution and general plot structure — just to name a few. And while you…

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Super Easy Book: Review and Bonus

                      Here’s The Deal, 4 Kindle Superstars put together an awesome$7 training on how to create a kindle booksuper duper fast….like in a matter of hours. This can be accomplished if you are a first time author or a seasoned one! See the story here: This is the smartest fastest way to createa kindle book that I ever heard of. But I don’t want you to buy this until after yousee what I am offering as a bonus for buying through me. I want to help you make this happen…. I am going to help you get a jump starton this. If you buy Super Easy Books through my link here I will give you a list of all the outsourcers whocan help you get the job done quickly. Need a story writer? Need graphics? Well, I’ve done all the work to find the skilledpeople to help…

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The process of marketing your Kindle Book can and usually will involve many different avenues. One oftentimes overlooked option that is most certainly worth your attention involves hopping offline entirely and getting out and marketing your Kindle book in the “real world”. There are many strategies to marketing your kindle book offline that you might not have thought of before.  Most people usually don’t even bother with offline marketing their Kindle book because they simply just don’t know where to start.  Coming from an Offline World, I’ve gone ahead and provided a few ideas for you to use to help kick-start marketing your Kindle book offline and ensure people know more about what you are offering to them simply and easily.  One of the first things that you can do is to consider holding an event at your local book store or other community hangout. This will ultimately help you accomplish arguably the most important aspect…

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Book Cover Genius Review and Bonus

Click Here to Take Advantage of the Special Low Price     Here’ How To Get My Bonus:   Purchase this Product through my link   – I will send you my special list of 50+  sites where you can get royalty free stock images.  Finding the right images is more than half the battle.     Just send your receipt to: and we will send it to you. Please be patient 🙂   Get it here:

Kindle Ritual Review and Bonus

Kindle Ritual Review and Bonus Brian G Johnson is the master when it comes to making money online, SEO the right way, and now he’s brought all of his skills to Kindle! Kindle Ritual is designed to show you the exact steps to truly having a passive income for years to come using the methods that Brian teaches.   What I love about Brian is that he always teaches with case studies and puts his own books under the microscope to show you each step of the way on how to get to best seller status in niches THAT SELL!! Debbie’s Bonus for Kindle Ritual If you wisely buy Kindle Ritual through my link at – I will send you an AMAZING Bonus! We have discovered the ULTIMATE way to get more book downloads on your promotional KDP days which will trickle into more sales for your book and more exposure to YOU!   You…

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Create Kindle Children’s Books

Children’s and picture books are really fun and the niche is has experienced a near 500% growth!! With the new kindle fire coming out and the new Ipad also being released, there is going to be a HUGE NEED for more content – and that includes for Kids TOO!! Have you ever watch a three year old handle an Iphone / Itouch or Ipad?  They know the exact motions better than most adults!  Perhaps your picture or kids book will be the next kids silencer while mommy and daddy talk with their friends. Perhaps your picture or kids book will be the next story that gets read to a kid before they go to bed. Click here to find out more about Kids Kindle Magnets 

Profits in Advance Bonus – James Jones Product

 Profits in Advance – Amazing Kindle Publishing Training with a Spin Hi There! Wow – It is a great time to be “in the know” about Kindle. Once you have what it takes to write a book and become a real book publisher, then the opportunity it endless! I am very excited to introduce to you Profits in Advance It is an INGENIOUS training on making money with Kindle that you have probably never seen before!  As you know, traditional kindle book creation costs time and money and you are not even sure if the book is going to sell- it may flop…..we’ve ALL been there!! But what if I told you there was a way that you can get paid potentially in the thousands to have your book written??  Yes, before your book is written you get paid to write the book and still have money left over to write more books, to save,…

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