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Book Marketing: Email Vs Social Media

When it comes to book marketing, it’s often in your best interest to use as many marketing methods as possible. Why forsake one method just because it isn’t quite as effective as another? At the same time, let’s examine two different marketing methods that offer similar, but totally different, benefits: email marketing and social media. Both of these focus on reaching people who know you, and they also focus on people who willingly subscribe to your list in one way or another. Which one is really the best when it comes to promoting your newest books? The answer might just surprise you…… Building the List Perhaps the biggest reason why most modern authors prefer social media to email marketing is because it’s much easier to build a social media list. You just have to mention that you use Twitter and/or Facebook for people to flock to your page. Your social media list will almost always…

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Recycled Riches – Review and Automation   How To Do More With Less?   Why overcomplicate things? This is what I strive to do everyday and what I aim to help people do.   Whether you’re an author, publisher, content creator, or internet marketer, having an effective content marketing strategy is essential. We realized that many experts who earn a full-time living online do this one thing: work smart, not hard by repurposing their content, the right way! Here’s How They Do It:  ==> With our brand new release, Recycled Riches, you can discover how we, and many other experts, successfully grow our business by making sure our content, links and buy buttons are in many places as possible….without increasing  our workload! Not only us, but other incredibly successful people like Rachel Rofe, Dennis Becker, Daniel Hall, and Nicole Dean do this one thing. They repurpose content!   One piece of content works over and over…

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Fancy Some Free Publicity?

Don’t worry, the title of this article was a joke. Of course you’d want some free publicity for your Kindle book, blog, or product!  I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t? Obviously, such free publicity isn’t going to come your way out of the blue. You’re going to have to put in some work and putting yourself out there (see also: networking) if you truly want to make the current online media landscape work the best for you. One of the best ways is to leverage free publicity to get the word out.  Power Promotion is an in-depth training course which reveals how to promote your product, blog, book or brand via online radio shows and podcasts, and even shows you how to start your own. Think about it – you’re your own brand – and unless you’re only planning on selling one or two Kindle books or products total for your entire life,…

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How To Sell Big Ticket Items

Holy Moly!! I was able to purchase this product(for $5) and I just cannot get over thevalue of this product on how to sell bigticket items and make $12,000 in 12days. I love this saying because it is so true: “Many People Major in Minor Things” and if you start to major in MAJORthings, it’s not much harder to make ALOT more money! Tons of money for thatmatter. The course is broken into 12 days ofwhat exactly to do to make $12,000 in ashort period of time (quite possibly 12days). There are videos with thetranscriptions included if you learnbetter that way. I’ve been taking theaudio on-the-go to the gym and on walkswith the dog… Dennis Becker licensed this course fromEric Louviere, who is a 7-figure annualIM’er, who walks the walk, and talks thetalk with passion and energy. The best part of this whole thing isthat all you need to know is how tomarket high ticket…

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Are You Video Shy?

3 – 2 – 1 – Action Do you turn into a different person when the record button is on? You are not alone.  For most people video does not come naturally.  But the great part aboutvideo is that the more you practice, the better and more natural you will be. The age old saying is 100% true – Practice Makes Perfect! If you are just starting out with video (or not), one of the best ways to get comfortable is to do screen captures, where people can see your screen and hear your voice, but not see your face. I love doing screencaptures….they are a lot of fun! Once you progress and get better, then you can start with doing videos with you in front of the camera speaking.  This takes a bit more effort because you definitely have to dress the part and make sure your background scenery is fit for people to…

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Dropbox Saves My Business!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends / family / loved ones!  Sure, this is a time to be thankful of course and eat a lot of food, but for an internet marketer, the smell of “organization” is in the air.    Now is a great time to start setting things up to have a successful December and then the all familiar – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Eeeek – I can’t believe it is already approaching.  One day my computer screen turned BLUR. This is a sign of NO GOOD when your computer screen turns to blue and it has all kinds of wording on it that pretty much says that the situation is not a good one.  Sure it restarted fine — for now!!  I wasn’t worried when I saw blue this time though, which I will explain in a second.    After Hurricane Sandy, I had to…

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Sore Thumb Plugin Review

Sore Thumb Plugin Review:  This is a very cool plugin that will increase your click through rates See How It Works (Play Video) Get It Here – Lowest Price

Productivity Tip of the Day

This is really cool…… Here is some additional information from one of my subscribers: Tried this and it works great!   A couple of tips.   1. In order for it to appear for me I had to select the HTML5 participation and then exit and re-enter YouTube. Until I did that it did not appear as an option.   2. You can select the speeds any time in the video you are playing and change to 1.5 or normal or even slow it down for those slides that you may want to read more carefully and then you can speed it back up again if you choose.   All in all, a pretty neat little feature. Thanks for the tip!    Click Here For More Tips To Double Your Productivity 

Video Marketing Training Discount and Bonus

Hey There!   Friday is half over and you know what that means – well that tomorrow is Saturday-duh!!    I have a bunch of videos to create and I usually like creating them on Saturdays.   I mentally feel more relaxed on Saturdays and its one of my favorite days to get work done.     Speaking of videos, I’ve managed to get my hands on what I consider the best video training by Jason Fladlien, called Video Mystic.    It shows you how to create pro quality videos FOR VERY CHEAP and in very little time See the example here.   If you buy from the link above, or this linkI have the resell rights to this product and I  am offering it to you for $10 less than it sells.    This is the real page where everyone else buys it  for $29.95….see for yourself.    Jason Fladlien is the master when…

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Product EClass Webinar

I Made $1000 for an hour’s worth of work! For those of you who know me, I am not one of those hypey marketers. I tell people like it is and I never sell someone on a dream. I would never want someone to do that to me (but they have) so I will never do that to someone else.  That’s just not the way I roll.   Many of the products that I recommend have helped me succeed, have made me money, have gotten me closer to my goal.  Many of Jason Fladlien’s and WIl Mattos’ products have helped me do just that.  Amy Harrop and I have the pleasure of getting Jason Fladlien on a webinar on Tuesday July 10th, 7 PM EDT Watch The Replay 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Webinar: 1) Jason gives out such amazing content. Jason Fladlien is so successful and he really knows what he is…

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Yes, I am working on a holiday!

Yup that’s right – I am working today!  I was talking about this the other day on a webinar – how when I first started out trying to make money online, I would work day in a day out, every chance I got and every day I was off from my Full Time Job (like the 4th of July and weekends).   When you are building something, whatever it is – you have to put the time in if you want to see results.  In the beginning, I was putting in the time but I wasn’t getting much out of it.  This happened for the first 2 years of trying to make money online.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing until it finally all came together for me.  What inspired me to write this blog post was someone who I suppose knew me from my Offline Marketing Days.   My first (real) blog…

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Pinterest Watermark Tool – Pintermark

Yes, I mush admit, I am obsessed with Pinterest. It is so much fun and it shows your personality, which is very important if you want to separate yourself from others.  I found this tool called the PinterMark because as I was learning (and continuing to learn) Pinterest, I was wondering about someone sharing your photo and passing it off as their own, which is quite simple to do.  How do you get around that? Well, the PinterMark seems to be the cure.  Not only can you “remind” people or “tell” people to pin your images with the hover buttons, but you can easily create a watermark on your image so that if someone does try to share your image (which is the whole point of pinterest), then they could never try to pass it on as their own because your website watermark will be embedded in the image. See example below: You will want…

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Google Plus For Everyone

I am just getting really into Google Plus.  I started getting into it when I was doing some blog posting and then sharing it on Google Plus and then finding my Google share on the first page of Google for what I was writing about!! Here’s what you need to do – 1. Please connect with me on Google Plus and add me to a circle (even if it’s the loser circle J ) Go to this strange link or just type in my name Deborah Drum 2. Take a look at this It will show you all the ins and outs of Google plus and how to sneak anything up the rankings.  Google Plus will apply to ANYTHING you are doing online – just like Facebook and Twitter is and Google plus is growing at a faster rate than Facebook had when it was only 9 months old.  So no matter if…

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