When it comes to book marketing, it’s often in your best interest to use as many marketing methods as possible. Why forsake one method just because it isn’t quite as effective as another? At the same time, let’s examine two different marketing methods that offer similar, but totally different, benefits: email marketing and social media. Both of these focus on reaching people who know you, and they also focus on people who willingly subscribe to your list in one way or another. Which one is really the best when it comes to promoting your newest books? The answer might just surprise you……

Building the List

Perhaps the biggest reason why most modern authors prefer social media to email marketing is because it’s much easier to build a social media list. You just have to mention that you use Twitter and/or Facebook for people to flock to your page. Your social media list will almost always be bigger than your email marketing list. If you want to get someone’s email address, then you often need to make a special landing page for it, and give them a good reason for supplying the information.

If you’re looking for pure numbers, then social media is better. However, how does it fare when it comes to level of engagement?

Level of Engagement

This one is a little harder to determine. If people join your social media page, then it creates a two-way conversation that allows them to readily reply to any of your messages. In fact, people who subscribe to your social media page are more likely to converse with you about whatever you post. But, does this mean that they are really engaged in your posts?

On the other hand, people who read emails are more likely to take your message to heart. This is because the message seems more personal, whereas a social media post is made for everyone. If you want to get everyone’s opinion about your newest book or idea, then social media is better. If you want to announce your new book and have people take it seriously, then email is the better choice.


Social media is incredibly visible. People can check their Twitter and Facebook updates via any device that has an Internet connection. There are dozens of apps dedicated to telling users when one of their friends makes a new post. You would think that with all of this support, visibility would be better with social media. The problem is that social media is so visible that a lot of messages disappear without getting noticed. The common person has between 200-500 friends. Most of them were just followed because of some passing interest. With this many people, it would be impossible to keep up with all of them because most people make several posts a day through social media. Any marketing messages that you make through social media might be lost and never read.

Email is different. It’s true that email has just as much support as social media, and many people are emailed by a number of their friends and family members. The major difference is that very few people get as many emails as social media updates, and all of the messages are routed to an inbox. This means that the person will definitely see the message as long as it doesn’t end up in spam, and it won’t as long as you are only emailing those who asked for it.

The Best

So, which one is truly the best? Social media is better for passing messages and getting lots of followers. In fact, it can help build your email list. However, email is better for more serious messages about your books (such as asking people to check it out, or giving them a sales page for reading more about the book). It’s also more visible because people will definitely see your email, but they might miss your social media post.

Email may be older than social media, but it’s definitely more reliable as a selling tool. However, as stated before, you should concentrate on both because they are both very effective. Social media can help build your email list, and it’s essential in today’s online world of marketing. You won’t get far without implementing both of these methods simultaneously.

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