Publish To The iBookstore Now

Let’s cut to the chase so you can run with this method too….

It’s publishing books to the iPad that sell on the iBookstore.

You might have remembered we offered a course on  how to publish to the iBookstore in the past but this is a bit different….

In Become an iPublisher, we take you through how to publish through Apple directly which could be a much faster publishing process than using a third party aggregator to get your books on the iBookstore (well, quick if you know what you are doing that is).

Check out what we are offering here


To publish using this NEW METHOD we are teaching you DO need a mac – but PC users, we got you covered too…….Don’t Worry.

Also, if you don’t have a Mac, you might still consider getting this training because it will never be offered this low again – so if you do end up getting a Mac, then you will have this training!


Deborah Drum

PS – You will be saving tons of time with this report. Publishing to the iBookstore is like travelling back in time when there was no competition in Kindle!  


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