Here is my review for Azon List Explosion – Plus Bonus (Even if you already bought it)….

There are two ways that I want to talk about here on strategizing and making money with book publishing. 

They include: 

1) How you can monetize your books better – and these should be on books that are ALREADY SELLING consistently. How can you make even MORE money than you are now.  (Monetization)

2) How can you make more sales for your book – meaning your book is just not selling well and you need to find a way to get more eyeballs on your book. (Promotion)

These are 2 very different areas of book publishing and making money.

Plain and Simple.


If you want to learn the steps to building an awesome list and monetizing on that list, then Jay Boyer will definitely teach you how to do that as he has grown a list to over 1900 amazon buyers! Woot!  

He shows you how in Azon List Explosion.  You will learn the strategy to grow a list of amazon buyers who love your stuff and most importantly who you can market to specifically when you release new books and when you have something relevant to promote. 


If you are in the second category where you have books that are not selling well, then you need to work on promotion first.  

Sure, you can try to monetize a book even if it’s not selling well – but what is the point of doing that if no one is buying your book?

We did a great training on easy book promotion called $5 Book Promotion that shows you the proper steps on how to outsource your book without spending a ton of time or money. 

So……you make the choice of what you want to focus on.  There’s money both ways, but there are different ways in going about doing each.  

I will tell you that focusing on list building will not increase your book sales – so you might want to focus on promotion before you spend tons of time tweaking a book that is not selling yet. 

Normally, i don’t recommend 2 products in one email but I truly wanted to share my thoughts about building email lists vs making more book sales


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