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Do you turn into a different person when the record button is on?

You are not alone.  For most people video does not come naturally.  But the great part about
video is that the more you practice, the better and more natural you will be.

The age old saying is 100% true – Practice Makes Perfect!

video-shyIf you are just starting out with video (or not), one of the best ways to get comfortable is to do screen captures, where people can see your screen and hear your voice, but not see your face. I love doing screen
captures….they are a lot of fun!

Once you progress and get better, then you can start with doing videos with you in front of the camera speaking.  This takes a bit more effort because you definitely have to dress the part and make sure your background scenery is fit for people to enjoy. You also have to make sure
your sound quality is good.

Below are some things to keep in mind when doing your screen capture videos.




Let’s keep it simple.  Keep these 5 things in mind and you will do great screen capture
videos that people will enjoy and most importantly, get to know you and like you.

1 – Don’t be Monotone / Be Upbeat

This is probably the most important. If you are not excited about what you are talking
about – why should your audience be excited?

Have inflections in your voice.  Speak a bit slower and stress different words that will put more of
an impact on what you are saying.

2 – Project Your Voice

This goes along with not being monotone but it’s slightly different.  Projecting your voice means
speaking with authority.  The more you project your voice, the more believable you are which
will put yourself in the expert position to your listeners.

3 – Smile When You Speak / Stand Up If You Need To

Your audience will actually be able to see and hear you (even though you won’t be on camera).
When Daniel Hall, one of my favorite presenters, speaks, I can tell when he is standing up. I can
also tell when he is smiling. You can see a smile – this is telesales 101.  Be joyful when you are speaking because that will increase your likeability.  

4 – Be Conscious of The Ums and Ahs and Ya Knows

This is a big one for many people including myself.  The great thing about recording screen captures is you can edit your recordings. If you tend to say a lot of ahs, ums, and you knows – try to edit them out as much as possible.

The editing is of course a good thing to do but you should really try to practice speaking without
those fillers. It is very hard to do for some people so it might take some practice.

The reason why you should do your best to omit those words is because there is no editing on a live
stage or speaking event.  There is also no editing on a live webinar. You don’t want to annoy your audience with these filler words because people will notice them if they are listening.  

This might be a challenging task but well worth the practice. Trust me, I have been practicing
for years on this!

Here are some tips to avoid these disfluencies. or verbal hiccups.

5 – Off the cuff or Rehearse?

One thing that will help reduce the ahs, ums and ya knows is having a rehearsed script.  This rehearsed script can either be used in a video or even a live speaking event like a webinar.

If you know what you are going to say, then you will not need to search your brain for the next words
and therefore, you will not need to use filler words like ah, um and ya know….ya know? 🙂

Once you get more comfortable with speaking out loud about your trait, then the need for rehearsing will diminish.  Until then, you should practice what you are going to say or even go as far as writing out what you are going to say.  The only thing you should try not to do is sound like you are reading too much. In my opinion, it doesn’t sound awful if you sound like you are reading, but strive to speak more relaxed so you sound more natural.

These video qualities might not come to you all at once but over time, you will get better
and better.  

Perhaps you want to focus on one or two of these qualities at first and then move onto the others
as you get more comfortable.

Keep practicing. Stay at it.  You will be great at doing videos before you know it.

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