deborah-drumMy name is Deborah Drum have been doing sales and marketing for a bit over 10 years now. I graduated Binghamton University in upstate NY in 2002 and have been in sales ever since. I started doing sales because I realized that it was the only career that the more I put in, the more money I would make.  I was forced into sales because I was a hard worker and making the same salary as someone else who was working less than me didn’t fly with me!

I got into internet marketing in May 2010 by searching around about how I could make money sitting at home all day instead of having to travel all the time.  Wow – I couldn’t believe this different world that I discovered.  This world of figuring out stuff, learning, getting distracted by “shiny objects” and even getting scammed!!  I’ve seen it all and I am still surviving!

I quickly found that internet marketing was my passion. No matter how much I failed and day after day not making a single penny, I was determined to figure this stuff out.  

When I learned the world of book publishing, I became addicted.  I love creating and I feel like this is the best outlet for me to offer my creativity to others and provide readers with valuable information.  I am so excited about this site and I hope to share with you all of my experiences of online book publishing and general internet marketing and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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